(Beauty) Products: Review (2/12)

It is time again for my ongoing segment about trying new products, because I pretty much only use free samples my mom gets when she buys her things and then receives a free gift. Very, very true story. My November Birchbox had some good stuff in it! First there was a Eyeko Magic Mascara with … Continue reading “(Beauty) Products: Review (2/12)”

(Beauty) Products: Review 1/12

When my first Birchbox arrived a few weeks ago I was ridiculously excited. (Eeeee Birchbox!!) I had no idea, truly, what to expect, and when I opened the box I handled the products inside like someone unearthing a time capsule from a different planet. Lip… stain? What is this jewel-toned wonder? I am also really … Continue reading “(Beauty) Products: Review 1/12”

Writing: The Beauty of Space

I am my biggest and worst critic. Anything a hater has or will say to me, I’ve said to myself and mulled over a million times before. This does not mean I’m impervious, it means I need to lighten up. I beat myself up over writing the most. I’m not writing enough, I’m not producing … Continue reading “Writing: The Beauty of Space”

2017 Book Club Revealed + Winner!

So! Here we are. A list of books and the promise of 1 winner to win them all! My plan is 1 book a month and one instance of two books in 1 month. We start…now! I grabbed from everyone’s suggestions except for me adding an Atwood into the mix. Because of course. Plus I … Continue reading “2017 Book Club Revealed + Winner!”

Things, April

I have been writing a Things post in my mind for weeks, but have not had the time to sit down and make this beauty happen. So here we are. It is Wednesday (when I am writing this) and it feels like Friday. I have to keep remembering that the week is not yet over. … Continue reading “Things, April”

It’s List Inception at This Point

I feel like all of my posts are update posts because I have so much to say and my brain is a humble jumble and all I can do is think in lists. So here I am updating you on things again. Feel free to ask me questions in comments (if you have wonderings, that … Continue reading “It’s List Inception at This Point”

The End of an Era + Giveaway

So this is it, my last post about Birchbox. It’s been a trip, one that I was incredibly happy to end, but also happy to have begun. I put in my final order of the few things I thought were excellent enough to purchase full sizes of, and that’s all folks. But first, if you’re … Continue reading “The End of an Era + Giveaway”

Food-ing With Flo: The Bundt Is Back

The book reviews are winding down (2 more to go!), birchbox is almost over (1 more post to go!), the rains have come (and with it early nights) and so we revisit the beauty of… BUNDT CAKES!! A Black and White Pound Cake you say? I say pour me a glass of wine and let’s … Continue reading “Food-ing With Flo: The Bundt Is Back”

The Light Between Oceans: A Review

Since having a baby my ability to watch, read, hear things about kids has totally changed. Gabe may have saved me but he also broke me, too. That whole thing in the news right now about the guy who left his 3 year old to die in the car on a hot day? I can’t. … Continue reading “The Light Between Oceans: A Review”

On Moving Home

A few months ago Kamel and I were driving around our neighborhood, coming home from something or other. It had just started becoming spring, the sun was out and everything had that almost neon green color. The green of new, like a giant sign on the highway: LIFE IS HERE. We were pulling around a … Continue reading “On Moving Home”