The Good Stuff

Sometimes things can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes new chapters are looming up ahead, and threatening to close behind me and it all becomes a little HOLY SHIT. Sometimes I cry when that happens. Sometimes it helps to focus on the little happies. Actually, it always helps to focus on them. Will you help me?

My verbena soap from Trader Joes. It is so soft and lovely on my skin in the shower. It makes me feel like a fancy lady.

Our wall of instagrams. I just think they are the coolest. And eventually when we have some extra decorating cash we’re going to expand them to be 4×4 instead of 3×3 so that we can keep some permanent photos (like the me and Gabe just after he is born picture – because that is like THE classic mom/baby shot and I just love it) while still being able to rotate them out seasonally/yearly.

When Kamel wants to show me nerdy shit that I don’t actually care about, but that he is really excited for. It’s cute. I humor him. He includes me.

My freaking hair mask. Goddamn I love you so.

Oh my gosh, how could I forget this one? I went to Nordstrom Rack on Saturday. WHY HAVEN’T YOU TOLD ME ABOUT THIS BEFORE, INTERNET? You have totally told me, but I have brushed you aside. The RACK? Uhnothankyou. But I was so wrong, so very very wrong. I haven’t bought myself any new work clothes en masse (besides a shirt here and there) for 2 years!! I am not including maternty clothes. I shudder at the thought of my stupid maternity clothes. Go away maternity clothes! I don’t need you anymore! I have the rack!! And 50% off jeans!! And a sweater made from freaking cashmere for $30! It was glorious.

The baby clapping. I just… he fucking claps. How can you get cuter than that? He just… claps, to himself, for no reason at all. Slayed of cute. Boom.

The feeling of running across the street to make the light and not feeling winded when I reach the other side.

Added the second quilt to the bed because it is finally chilly.

Oh, and being able to snuggle Kamel without shortly after pushing him away because he is hot and I am a sweaty gross mess who just wants to kick off the covers. Hooray snuggles!

Unexpected facebook emails.

Amazon Prime.

Freshly shaved legs.

Spending extra time in the bath tub after Kamel has plucked the baby out and left me behind.

The happies I’ll be reading in the comments below! Always the best part of my day.


Too Many Thoughts Are Thinking

Lately I have always been in the middle of something. Always between tasks. Never in a convenient place for thought where I can write something down or get to a place where the thoughts are clear and manageable – not even to myself, let alone for the internetzzz. I feel like I have so many things to say they are fighting for space. It’s a good thing and it’s a terrible thing all at once. This post actually had way more paragraphs and my brain was every where, all over the map. It didn’t really make any sense, so through the power of deleting I have hopefully focused this crazy boat of words a little better. I think I...


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Head Wound

I keep having this dream that something bad happens to Gabe’s head. His soft spot is my biggest fear about him, it is like a chink in his armor, his Achilles heal. I have dreams about head wounds, about brain damage, about something that would hurt who he is forever and ever and ever; something I couldn’t fix. My bad dreams now are always the same thing. Over and over and over again. Sometimes Gabe’s soft spot is more pronounced. Sometimes it pulses. Sometimes it looks like a startling indent on the top of his head. I am always aware of it. A few weeks ago at work some of my coworkers were talking about our biggest fears....


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This Weekend

This weekend I am going to empty the last remaining boxes and hang stuff on the wall. I promise. This has to happen. I need to be moved in! I want to show you our apartment! Before we move to the next place and it’s like this place never even happened. This weekend I’m also getting a massage. In a spa. An experience I have been obsessing over for weeks. A spa! With the rubbing! And the waterfall spa music! And the quiet! And being able to lay on my stomach without 1) a giant belly or 2) GIANT boobs killing me. I don’t think I will ever get over the joy of not being pregnant… even knowing I’ll be pregnant again...


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Last weekend at the farmer’s market we got swindled by the cheese man. I could see it coming a mile away but I was powerless to stop it. This is what happens when you barely have breakfast, get lost on your way to the famer’s market, arrive around lunch time, and wonder the fruits and veggies helpless. Then the cheese man comes and offers free samples, and that’s all she wrote folks. I was buying carrots so fresh from the ground I could smell them! And they still had their green carrot tops on! Kamel was with the baby (asleep) in the stroller and the cheese man was just finishing up his pitch to a husband/wife duo who were...


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Things, September

I’m hanging out on the couch watching football. It’s Sunday night and right now the Seahawks are beating the 49ers. This pleases me. It wasn’t so long ago that when the baby went to sleep I was racing to snuggle in under the covers. Now, more often than not (I originally typoed “night”), I have at least an hour to myself. The weekends are always too short. I have a to-do list a mile long. We are still not totally unpacked and moved in. All of my books are still in boxes. The books from my book list are god knows where. I was thinking I might bake another bundt cake but… nope. We managed to clear out a lot...


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I am a writer living in Seattle and I believe that life is a grand adventure and only boring if you believe it to be. Plus! You don't need money to have fun.

I live with my husband, a photographer by education and a maker-of-video-games by trade, and a baby named gabe in an apartment on the hill.

I am romantic about most things and I cry... about almost anything. I tell stories to entertain you, I spread stories to keep you in the loop. I am not a grammar freak, but I do know how to spell it. I am exceedingly proud of my scrambled eggs and I really could eat an entire pan of cupcakes. If I met me, I would be my best friend. I tend to be irreverent.

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