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Things, October

Lately I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night, or very early in the morning (Depending on my intention) thinking it smells like something. Generally that something is hot garbage. Kamel things I’m having a stroke. Maybe my nose is dreaming? Either way it’s a little unsettling and rather frustrating to think you smell something that no one else does. No fair.

The SF Giants won the world series again yesterday and I don’t really care because been there, done that, saw the parade, and they really aren’t my team. But lots of people love them, so that is fun. What I really keep thinking is why that bearded man left the team, the team that made him, and then guess what they win another championship and you aren’t there anymore. The part of sports where it is less about teamwork and more about you getting paid and/or some other vanity thing is confusing to me. The success of team sports relies on how well everyone can play together. I guess sometimes there are break out stars that carry it, but for the most part if you can’t anticipate your teammate’s actions and react accordingly, then you won’t be a very good team. But in professional sports there doesn’t seem to be much loyalty. That’s a weird side note in sports. “So and so was the hero of [enter team name here] but he only played with them for X seasons.” I want the romance of the lifers, the people who never leave a franchise and represent 1 city till the end. A group of guys thrown together because of circumstance who become brothers and then support each other through every up and down. I want a sports movie in real life.

Gabe has been enjoying snippets of this cartoon about an octopus named Oswald. It is an old(er) show, and we found it on amazon instant play. It is super weird. There is a flower that is basically a really tall skinny girl who is always on some sort of contraption instead of walking. Like a pogo stick, or a unicycle or something. There is a penguin who is super particular, collects spoons and has a hot chocolate every afternoon with 2 marshmallows, no more, no less.  There is a butterfly who has a baby who is a larvae or a caterpillar, can’t tell, that she pushes around in a baby carriage. And Oswald the octopus has a dog who looks like a hot dog. But I really really enjoy the show. Oswald is the most patient, kind person octopus I have ever experienced and the show has this really lovely pacing to it that makes me want to take a really lovely nap whenever it is on. Anyway, we’ve greatly reduced our TV watching but Gabe often requests it by saying “Otto-puss!” and that makes me love the show extra.

I’m doing something super dorky and I am equal parts proud and shy about it. So, everyone is always complaining about the winter weather in Seattle and it drives me crazy. 1) there is winter everywhere except for a few places and those don’t count 2) the seasons keep things interesting and 3) everything is so green and sparkly here because of the rain, CA should be so lucky – drought is a terrible terrible reality and we are fortunate not to have that issue right now. I also just really don’t believe it is that bad. Days are shorter, it is colder, and the weather is worse than in the summer, but how is that abnormal? So I’m tallying days from October 20th to April 20th. They go either in the grey, sunny, or partly cloudy category. So far there is a pretty even split between grey and partly cloudy as we have had a string of very coastal-esque rain storms roll in, which are fairly thrilling in their own right. So we’ll see what the winter reality is next spring. Weather nerrrrrd!


Brought To You By Fun

Lack of posting brought to you by Monday Night Football and the Seattle Seahawks win over Washington [name removed for incredibly racist content]. Thank you Seahawks Facebook Page.  What are you choosing to indulge in this week? (I also had a giant pre-packaged rice krispie treat yesterday and it was sooooo delicious.)


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The Family Name

During engagement Kamel and I talked a lot about what we wanted to do with our names. Initially I thought I would turn Dupuis into my middle name and simply be Lauren Perez, but it just didn’t feel right. Actually, both Kamel and I would turn Dupuis into our middle names and Perez into our last, but it just didn’t work for me. So as engagement progressed and we were referring to the wedding as the Dupuis-Perez wedding it became more and more clear that that was how we viewed the creation of our new family. We decided to be Lauren and Kamel Dupuis-Perez. But! With all of the details of the wedding being out of state (in Seattle...


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The Long Weekend-ing

This weekend we took Friday off and spent the morning packing, doing laundry, Kamel worked unexpectedly, and after the baby’s nap we headed north to Canada for Kamel’s birthday. I found a sale on the 4 Seasons (Kamel’s favorite hotel chain) and we spent 2 nights and 3 days-ish exploring, swimming, and robe-wearing. This was Kamel’s first time ever in Canada! And Vancouver is so much cooler than I ever remember it being. Here is the breakdown of events: The drive to Vancouver was supposed to be about 2.5 hours, but due to a stop at Target and massive traffic ended up taking 4.5. About 1.5 hours from the hotel the baby...


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Better Than Real Life Advice

Dear Lauren: Do you believe in astrological signs? My son is a Virgo and I’ve read up about his personality type…should I be parenting him in any special way because he’s a Virgo? Or is it all a bunch of crap? Help! Always, Astrologically Confused in NY Oh Astrologically Confused! Your question warms the cockles of my already warm and rather weepy heart! Do I believe in astrological signs? I am obsessed with astrological signs! I have a ram tattoo on my wrist for my sign (aries) and a fish tattoo on my forearm for my son’s sign (pisces). My husband is a Virgo and his Virgo tendencies drive me bonkers, so I am...


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Happy #32 Kamel!

Dear Kamel, In the last 6 months I have seen you grow more as a person, a father, a husband, and yourself than I have seen in the entire 5 years I’ve known you. I look at you and I see my future. Is that what 30s are like? If so they look pretty magnificent. Full of self discovery, career advances, adventures, and major milestones. I like it. Today is your birthday! And I am so grateful that all of the small little choices of both of our lives matched up in such a way where I find myself waking up next to you every day and especially this day. I love you because… … you are incredibly authentic. … you are a fantastic...


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Who the hell is she?


I am a writer living in Seattle and I believe that life is a grand adventure and only boring if you believe it to be. Plus! You don't need money to have fun.

I live with my husband, a photographer by education and a maker-of-video-games by trade, and a baby named gabe in an apartment on the hill.

I am romantic about most things and I cry... about almost anything. I tell stories to entertain you, I spread stories to keep you in the loop. I am not a grammar freak, but I do know how to spell it. I am exceedingly proud of my scrambled eggs and I really could eat an entire pan of cupcakes. If I met me, I would be my best friend. I tend to be irreverent.

If you would like to chat with me or see what else I'm up to you can follow me on Twitter (betterinrealife), on facebook, or email me at betterinrealife at gmail.