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Things, February

Buying a house is on the horizon. It has me scrutinizing finances and obsessing over zillow. Lately Kamel and I have been having a lot of future talks. The last few years have felt like they were riding us and we weren’t so much riding them. Our life was in fate’s hands to a certain degree. And isn’t it always? But we are craving some control back. Where will we spend our money? How and where will we spend our time? What do we want our lives to look like? We have made some big decisions about travel for 2017 and 2018. I know, I know… YEARS away, but it gets to a point where spontaneity is rare, and absolutely non existent when it comes to large purchases with small children. I know for sure that I want our lives to have more family adventures in them, kids and all. I look at our Maine vacation video and it feels so incredibly far away. But money and time and time and money and making choices that leave some things out, that probably piss off some people, but that include aspects of life that make us feel whole. It’s always a choice.

Sometimes I look at this apartment and think: we can’t possibly leave it, we can’t possibly pack all of this with two kids and move and unpack and oh god that is so overwhelming. Most of the time, though, I think: we can’t possibly stay here.

The more I work and do the jobs I do the more I feel and think and moan: I need to be running something, I need to be the point person, the lead. When is it going to be my time?

Sometimes there is so much I want to write and talk about on here and I can’t. It creates a quiet space when I want it to be loud, loud, LOUDER. Not everything is appropriate for the public. Not everything needs to be said. Even though the desire to write and discuss and share can feel overwhelming. I don’t know how true non-fiction writers do it. Every discussion I’ve ever heard about this struggle in non-fiction has ended with, “you just have to write it anyway.” But do you? Do you? For the benefit of what? I just don’t need that kind of drama or knowledge that I’ve embarrassed/hurt people in my life. No thank you.

That being said, I will say 1 thing. Opinions don’t always need to be shared. We live in a world of SHARE. Share your car, your apartment, your life, your mind, your words, share it all. Yet, sometimes… sometimes… it’s too much. It’s unnecessary, unneeded, and truly exhausting. ┬áThe way I choose to parent, the decisions I make in my life, the things I choose to go against the grain on or not think about it and flow with the main stream (see what I did there), happen whether I talk about them or not. Sharing what I do, how I feel, or my own opinions/criticisms of how other’s choose to parent/live/etc helps absolutely no one. It doesn’t change how I do me, it doesn’t change how you do you, but it does piss off and alienate people. In this corner of the mental space, we need less sharing. You do you, I’ll do me. If I have some insight to share on how I’ve done me that I think maybe other people may enjoy, I’ll fill everyone in. But there is no point in pushing and pushing and pushing however I think and feel on the masses who are just getting through their day. All it does is make me hate you. And I would so much rather not.


If You Have a Minute…

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The Air In Here

I had big plans today to write about multi-cultural books and our favorite bilingual books and link to a podcast that I guested on that went live last week! LAST WEEK! But…. I don’t have my shit together and I am still reeling from last week’s sickness and this week’s absolutely mind fuck of a work week where I am very literally exhausted by 1pm and I’m writing this on what is only Wednesday. What is a girl to do. So today I’m writing about a small health obsession I have which I don’t feel like many people think about. I’m going to talk about it like none of you know what I’m talking...


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Things, January

I had big plans for last week and this weekend. Plans that included new photos and new stories and new adventures. But then we were hit with the yucks and the sicks. I sat by the toilet all day Wednesday in a bathrobe (after recording this week’s podcast of course) and suffered all night long, then was sick all Thursday. It was Kamel’s turn Friday night and then all day Saturday. On Sunday I completely lost my voice, but at least everyone in the house was able-bodied. And so far (please God, knock on ALL THE WOOD), the children haven’t started throwing up. The kids just have there never ending colds, the snot runneth over,...


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Weekending 37

This weekend was COLD! Which I love. I love seasons! I love the cold! I love the crispness! I love the snow! I even enjoy the rain. It doesn’t keep us inside, it just makes for more interesting adventures! And my god, this place is beautiful on those cold, crispy, clear days. New Years for us was uneventful. More time at home with the kids, exploring beaches and play areas, running errands, trying to get Gabriel to eat other things besides yogurt. You know how it goes. (Not pictured…. unfortunately…. the massive cold and surprising (To Kamel… haha) SPLASH from that...


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Beauty Survey!

If you’re interested, please complete the survey below! I’ll collect the info and share it next week! Create your own user feedback survey EDIT: For those unable to view this post, here is a link to the survey:...


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