Saturday was the first day that I could actually say out loud with a smidge of confidence, “Hmm… I think I’m really starting to feel better today.”

So of course we walked to get coffee and then walked to the store, and then later in the afternoon I met Claire and her nephew, Hank, at the park for some slide and swing time, and then I walked her over to her dad’s house, and by the time Saturday was done I was SORE. I also looked in the mirror this weekend and marveled at how deep my eyes looked in my head, how big the circles around them seemed. Being hammered with virus after virus has done me under!

I have totally lost muscle and stamina and I need to now work on getting that back. I’ve also lost some normal-human-coloring in my face, and you’d think with all of my sick-induced/unemployment exhaustion that I would have gotten some sleep but apparently not from the bags under my eyes.

This Thursday we head to Miami for my SIL’s wedding! I’m hoping to 1) not catch anything between now and then and 2) enjoy some warmth and sunshine and family festivities. In the mean time I’m headed outside to find some hills and stairs to climb. I was wondering why my butt had fallen behind my knees… c’mon butt, I need you back up where you belong.


A Problem of the Heart

Today is a big day. Today is the day I get to talk to you about Janessa! I met Janessa in January of 2012 when I was at job training for 10 days in Grand Rapids MI. I was beginning a job that would later take her and her colleagues’ jobs. Something I didn’t know until I arrived at training. It was kind of a horrific situation as the economy was still in a deep dark place, especially in Michigan. But you know what? Janessa (And 99.9% of her co workers) was amazing! Incredibly upbeat, supportive, hilarious, and kind. While I spent 2 work weeks in the middle of dark, cold snow, in an office that refused to open the blinds during...

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The Good Stuff

Last time I did this there were not that many happy lists in comments, so I’m hoping this time around there are more happies!! Because it has been a long winter and my house has been ill for a month now (A MONTH WHAT) so let’s focus on the good things where we can find them. There are actually some pretty excellent things. Snow-capped mountains. I wish I could take a picture of them to show you but my camera makes them look soooo teensy. You’ll just have to come over to see. Neon nail polish. It makes my skin look so good! Who knew! It also brightens my day every time I see my feet. Neon for life over here. When Gabe puts...


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To understand what it feels like for Seattle to win a major championship, you have to understand what it is to be from Seattle, to be the best at something and simultaneously not get there. You have to understand the amount of negative, undervaluing, “underdog” chat that has always gone on in every franchise for my entire life and beyond. Even now I am watching the Today show and instead of talking about the amazing win for the Seahawks, they are commenting on the “tough, tough loss for the Broncos.” You have to understand what it feels like for a hometown business man (Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz) who waxes...


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The Good Stuff

This last weekend was a really good one. Sometimes I don’t have anything challenging to discuss. Sometimes I look around and think I really am lucky to be where I am, to have the ability to move home when I did. The challenges are there, but they don’t feel insurmountable and right now I feel like it is all going to work out. I want to hold on to that feeling and keep it in my pocket. So here we go, a list of the good things, the happies. Going out to an adult dinner thanks to my parents generously babysitting the booger. Being able to sit and not feel rushed, enjoy adult conversation without having to stop every 5 seconds to...


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The Good Stuff: Thanksgiving Edition

Today we are flying out to Mexico City to spend the holday with our Mexican family! I’ll be back on Sunday and will hopefully have lots of news for next week. For now, though, let’s talk about the happies. Fancy kleenex with lotion (not so fancy but it FEELS so fancy)! Fancy date night dinners on Monday. Speaking of dinners: short ribs. Successfully making baby fro-yo (but it’s basically grownup delicious fro yo that I feed to the baby … and sometimes Kamel) Being able to tell what time it is based on how bright it is outside. Soon this will be impossible because it will be dark all of the time. C’est la...


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