Episode 4: Adulting

On a recent trip to Chicago I realized that I need my family more at this point in my life than I need my independence. Is this what it feels like to be a grownup? Is this where the shift lies? Mild codependency?

Today on the podcast I explore (with the help of many readers who responded to my questions on facebook) what it means to be an adult, when being a grownup actually it happens, and which moments pop out to me and others as successful adulting.

When does being a grown up happen for you? Is it only during the hard parts? The successful life parts? Or when you can feel the acute sensation of the crushing responsibility of our lives?

**As a note, sometimes we turn the mic on when we’re all hanging out in the kitchen and just let it run. Today during the break, you’ll get a smidge of what dinner time sounds like in the Duprez household.

Elsewhere – Otterly Rad

If you are getting a kick out of the podcasting existence of BIRL, you have even more to listen to this morning! I was very lucky to be a guest on Otterly Rad, a parenting podcast. On this episode Hayley, Nathan and I discuss colors and how to navigate the gendered expectations of having boy or girl children… which just happens to be how it mostly works out.

Happy Friday!

Episode 3: Cheaters

Welcome to the first official episode about relationships with guest contributor, Kamel. He also happens to be my husband. This week we are talking about cheating! Specifically: Can someone actually go a solid amount of time without knowing that they are being cheated on? Can that actually happen?

Let me know what you think and who you agree with more by using the hashtags #teamLauren or #teamKamel.

Episode 2: Expectation vs Reality

This week’s episode is just me, talking about 1 specific topic. This time it was inspired by a bad parenting judgement call. An instance where I thought, “Wow, this really did not go like I thought it would…” to my dismay and slight panic.

All of my best stories, whether I suffer for them or not, have come about because my expectations did not match reality.

This phenomenon is incredibly common, for better or for worse.

**Thank you to everyone who contributed personal stories for today’s episode, and everyone who responded to my questions via Facebook and twitter!

Episode 1: This Is Better In Real Life, The Podcast

I am taking this blog-show one step further and adding a weekly podcast! Welcome to I’m Better In Real Life.

In this first episode I’ll give an introduction and talk about what this whole podcast thing will be about.

Publishing every Wednesday, you can subscribe to The I’m Better In Real Life podcast at http://betterinrealife.com/feed/podcast. It will also be available on iTunes and elsewhere very, very soon.

Here we go!