Episode 42: The TV in the Bedroom

1. ) The people have spoken and no TVs in the bedroom.

2.) This is a week late because I forgot to record 1 thing and then we kept meaning to do it and then I kept falling asleep at 8pm and now here we are a week late.

3.) Kamel gets to say the intro on this one. Were you shocked? Did you have to check your podcast app to make sure you were listening to the right one?

4.) Thank you all the people who called in, I appreciate every single one of you and I love hearing your stories and I promise next time we get listener stories I will give you all more than 4 days to get them in. My bad.

Compromise is hard. Holding firm to the shit you just won’t budge on is also hard. Relationships are HARD.


Episode 41: Compromise

This week we are talking about what we absolutely would NOT compromise going into a relationship. What are your no-goes. What are your lines in the sand? What things define you that you wouldn’t give in on? And which of those items did you eventually not care about? Where DID you compromise?

In this episode we talk about it, and we end it wanting to hear from you!!

Please have a think, have a listen, and then call and leave me a voicemail, or 5. As many voicemails as you want. Tell me your relationship compromises or lack thereof.

Number: 415 275 0551

**We need all stories by Thursday night. We will listen and record on Friday morning. So get me those stories! Don’t let Kamel and I be the only people who talk about stuff.

Ps. Fae turns 3 this week, so this is the show photo you’re getting. <3

Episode 40: End of the Year Survey

It’s the end of the school year. So we decided to do something fun. It’s partner survey time!!

Next week we’re going to put out a call for listener feedback. Topic still in discussion. But get ready to hear (and tell) some stories that are not just about me and Kamel.

But for now, on to this week’s chats.

Episode 39: How Marriage Has Changed You

If we are not continuing to grow as individuals, then what are we even doing? Maybe that is too harsh of a view, but I often find that I have really high expectations for myself and others. I don’t feel bad about it. We should be striving to become the best versions of ourselves.

In all of those big, transformation life moments we should also seek out change. That’s what transformation is. But changing through a marriage can seem slower and harder to spot than the transformation experience of becoming a parent. One day you’re not a parent and then the next day you are. Poof.

This podcast topic was brought about when I noticed some change in Kamel that was slow slow ever so slow to reveal itself over 7 years of marriage and 9 years together.

It is also brought to you by this quote I read by Donald Glover:

“That’s what love I think really is at the end of the day,” he says. “It’s not even like a selflessness, it’s like an understanding that I’m making a safe place for you. It’s not safe out there. Somebody’s out to get you – that’s just nature. That’s just the nature of being, and I feel like yeah you can totally love somebody and still look out for yourself. But I think the question really is, do you see that thing or that someone else as part of you? If you see us, we’re a people together, we’re a tribe together – we depend on each other. Then you always are gonna want the best for them I think.”

How has marriage changed you?

Episode 38: The Challenge of Transitions – Part 2

Transitions continue to be hard for Kamel and I, even with all the practice we’ve had. Even with the compassion we attempt to bring to the table. Even with therapy, even with positive outcomes.

The hardest part of marriage, for me, is that there is another whole person standing next to you the whole time. This person has their own baggage, their own way of dealing with stuff, their own needs. That means part of my life now is responding to this other alien being who shares my house, my kids, my bed. Who shares my life. That’s hard. I really did hate Kamel through recording at least half of this episode. And when we stopped recording he hated me too. But then we were fine again.

Of the time we’ve spent being together here are all of the major transitions we have weathered:

-Lauren moving back to Seattle
-Lauren moving back to San Francisco
-Moving in together
-Commute and job changes
-Getting married
-Moving out of the city
-Adding that third tiny roommate
-More moves
-More job changes
-Moving back to Seattle
-More job changes including unemployment
-Second pregnancy
-Second new tiny roommate
-More job changes including unemployment
-Buying a house
-More job changes


Just kidding. We’re about to be married for 7 years in July. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Episode 37: The Challenge of Transitions – Part 1

So much of life revolves around transitions. We transition when we change schools, when we move cities, when we change jobs, have kids, get married, break up, move in together, get a pet, and on and on and on. We are either coming out of or heading to some kind of transition. And yet, transitions don’t seem to ever stop being HARD. They hard to adjust to, hard on our stress levels, and hard on our relationships.

This week’s podcast begins with Gabriel discussing his next big transtion: Kindergarten in the fall.

This is a two-parter because we literally ran out of time. This week is a lot about Kamel’s reaction to our family’s transition of moving to Seattle and his new job and how that impacted him and by proxy ME. Next week we’ll revisit it and talk about how I react to transition and how I’ve seen that impact our marriage.

We are also looking for stories of transition from you! Leave us a voicemail (About a min long before it cuts you off) and tell us about some of your biggest transitions.

We’ll record next on Friday, so get your messages in by Thursday (5/24) night. Call 415 275 0551

Do it! Call now! It will be fun! Hearing from you is my favorite.

Episode 36: Season 3 – We’re Baaack!

We finally, finally, FINALLY after months!!! got our shit together and started season 3. Thank you to everyone who kept asking me and reminding me that you listened and you liked our little podcast and prodding Kamel and I that we should keep pushing to find time to make it happen. This is a little check-in on what we have been up to (Kamel likes to give a month by month break down ha!) and some ideas we have spinning around for the coming weeks.

New podcasts for season 3 will be up every Monday for the foreseeable future.

We are so happy to be back and continuing the conversation on real life, real marriage, real everything.

Episode 35: Did Trump Ruin Marriage? Part II

First of all, Trump did not ruin marriage. If anything he made it stronger. Are you married to an ass hole Trump supporter? FLEE. FEEL IMMEDIATELY.

Trump winning was a major wakeup call for me, but maybe it was a different (and probably bigger) wake up call for many who have ended relationships over these major issues. And that’s awesome. Don’t spend your life with someone who makes you feel small.

I do not think this is something that should be reconciled. It’s different than simply having differeing political leanings, or disagreeing on how states and the federal government should interact. Or even disagreeing on social issues! It’s different. Supporting Trump = supporting hate speech, and racism, and a genuinely terrible person who is only in it for themselves.

One more thing! At the beginning of this episode i do some house keeping stuff. And it’s true that episodes will be coming out on Fridays. Except… right now. It was SUPPOSED to come out the day after thanksgiving but then… life. I wish this ran like a well oiled machine, but it’s squeaky at times. Let’s be honest. More episodes coming soon!

Episode 34: Did Trump Ruin Marriage? Part I


This is a post I have been chewing on for like… a year. Almost a year. The photo attached to this post popped up in my recent memories on facebook. Heartbreak and a half. ALMOST A YEAR SINCE WE ELECTED THAT MOTHER FUCKER YOU GUYS.

Right after the election I was so angry and so upset. You know this. You read about it. But it was not just spilling out all over this blog, it was always spilling out all over my marriage. There was a lot of crying from me before bed. A lot of seeeeeeething at my husband’s complacency. A lot of firey firey aries rage threatening to swallow me whole.

I wanted to do a podcast about this right away but I couldn’t wrap my head around the conversation. Today it feels more grasp-able. We are all different people than a year ago. Today it’s easier in some ways to look back. This is a two-parter because I have too much to say and Kamel had a plane to catch.

Episode 33: Your Call is Important to Us

You guys. YOU GUYS. I was all like “guess what? Imma post once a week!” And then I disappeared off the face of the Earth. It’s how I keep you on your toes.

What happened? WELL! Kamel and I recorded a podcast again. YAY! We are BACK!

Then we went away for a beach vacation with my parents. It was delightful. The kids had a blast. The weather is fantastic. There was swimming and kite flying and sandy toes and board games. The best.

THEN Kamel went away for a business trip to Florida and abandoned me with the children. So it has been a go-go-go month and it will continue to be this level of crazy until after the holidays. But I’ll be here, in this space, as much as I can.

For now, PODCAST. Send us your marriage disputes. We’d love to pick sides.