Year 3: Leather

People watching at fancy hotels is the best. Such a strange group of people. You realize that money doesn’t make you pretty and that humans are just humans, bathing suits and bellies and bottoms and tan lines and burn lines and hairy backs. And we all just want to get some sunshine, order a beer, and go for a swim.

“Oh man! Look at that guy!” Kamel said, “He’s roasting! He looks like he’s smoked a thousand cigars. He looks like, he looks like…”

The first thing that came to mind was the word “Tanning” …. but I didn’t mean it in the “lay out in the sun and get a bronze” way, I meant it the other, original way. But instead I said…

“He’s turning into leather!”

Kamel busted a gut laughing. And I didn’t even think it was that clever. It really wasn’t that clever. But, like so many other times, Kamel’s laughing made me laugh, and then he laughed harder and I laughed harder, and then we were imitating the very tan man smoking his cigars and retiring from his hard life of money and excess, and we were falling over each other in the pool, laughing and laughing and laughing.

I guess the traditional 3-year anniversary gift is maybe a watch band? Or a nice leather jacket? Or? I’m not really sure. But I think what we give each other instead is the ability to laugh stupidly, to laugh from the belly, to be ridiculous and hilarious and a 2 person comedy routine with each other. Even when work sucks. Even when the baby is crying and refuses to sleep at 4am, even we hate each other, and especially when things just happen to be perfect for a hot second.

“Oh hey, look Lauren,” Kamel nudged me the next morning while we swam laps in the pool, pretending to get some kind of work out in, “It’s the leather man from yesterday.”

“Leather man,” I said.

We smiled at each other and kept swimming. Another stupid inside joke to add to the list. Another wink and a nod, another head tilt, another giggle behind the back of my hand.

Happy Anniversary to my buddy. Stay goofy.

And just because this was actually the goofiest thing to happen during our anniversary staycation, I give you Gabriel, leaning back into pillows he thought were firmer than they really were:




This weekend was one for the books! Staycation, celebrating our 5 years of knowing each other, and our first night away from Gabe! Last year for our anniversary we went to Target after work, got stuck in traffic, and then ate take out at 7:30 at night while the baby cried. This year we decided to treat ourselves and spent 2 nights at the Four Seasons Seattle. The weather just happened to hit 90 degrees on Saturday. It was at July anniversary miracle. The Four Seasons were kind enough to supply us with a real crib, complete with bumpers and sheets and a quilt. Plus all the Johnson and Johnson baby products you could ever wish for AND a...


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5 Years of Knowing

When I was pregnant with Gabe, Kamel and I would go on lots of walks. Frequently we would ask each other, “5 years ago could you believe this would happen? That you would be living here, married, and about to have a baby?” We would always say, “no way! no how! I wouldn’t have believed it even if future me came back and told me it would happen!” Five years. (A photo from July 12th, 2009) It’s not so long. Not as long as I have known my best friends. Only a fraction of how long my parents have been together. But 5 years of knowing, somehow it feels solid. Not so solid (but what is solid? 10? 30?), but it...


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Those Wide Open What-Ifs

Do you remember when you were a teen and reading books or watching movies and you’d think about your future and it was all possible? What would you be? Where would you go? Who would you date, marry, live happily ever after with? The world was full of so many firsts. So many big events. Sometimes when I read YA, and am put back in those teen romance angst years, I feel pangs of grief. I feel like this sounds crazy because who wants to go back to the angst? The angst took over my life, it was terrible, so many what-ifs, so many possible social blunders and hurt feelings and crushed hearts (99.9% my hearts). What am I mourning? Why do I...


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Marriage the Continued Saga

A while after I got engaged I was driving across a bridge, I remember exactly where I was (and I have almost written this exact sentence some time ago, I know it), and I remember that it suddenly hit me: I am not at all any happier being engaged than I was not being engaged. We are almost 3 years married. It’s like a blip on the marriage-time continuum. But even so, it absolutely boggles me that I spent so much time and mental energy chasing this existence. I don’t even mean I was out to get an MRS degree, I don’t mean I was searching searching searching for a husband all of the time. I had long periods of being single and...


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Ever-Evolving: Travel Edition

Marriage. Ever-evolving. What that really means is just when you think you have stopped up all the leaks, plugged the holes, had the last fight about that one recurring disagreement and we can all go to bed now let’s cuddle, hold hands, sing songs – something else pops up that needs maintenance. Ever-evolving. Weeeee! It sounds kind of terrible but right now we are bumping up against ye-old-cliche of “this isn’t turning out to be like what I thought it would be like,” otherwise known as, “what did I get myself into?” It’s not so dire that I want to push the eject button, I just want to have a...


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