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January Date Night

Kamel and I are having a year of dates. One of his new year goals was to go on a date every month. I love this idea because I honestly don’t remember the last time Kamel legit planned a date for the two of us from start to finish all on his own. I mean, to be fair, I am excitable and have a tendency to take over on things I find fun…. but also Kamel like… seriously, to a fault, never plans dates. Not even this first one – which was my fault.

But is there ever really “fault” when one is actively doing something awesome for the relationship? No, I think not.


For this first date we went classic: dinner out to somewhere we could never ever take the kids, to eat food that is 100% grownup, and to have the ability to sit quietly and enjoy a glass of wine without keeping the baby from stabbing herself with a fork and not having to ask for the check when we ordered just in case meltdowns occurred. MY GOD THE FREEDOM.


I’ll have the cheese with a side of zoolander. Sorry, Kamel, I know I promised I wouldn’t post this anywhere.

We snagged a Lyft at 5:15 (Because we wanted to be home for bed time. I mean, we are lame parents after all. Let’s not get it twisted.) on a Sunday and headed to Re:Public. I know the manager and follow her on instagram and have been dying to scope out this adorable restaurant/bar. And by adorable I mean chic and adult and hip and somewhere that opens up it’s garage door front when it’s warm and you sit half in/half outside and you just NEVER want to leave on those amazing Seattle summer evenings that last for eternity.

The food was amazing. We had a cheese plate, because hello, and charcuterie. My friend hooked us up with champagne (as we are but sad, broken people who barely ever leave the house with real pants on), and we ordered a glass of wine. The entres were really excellent and the dessert was a tropical, coconut-y bread pudding that I wanted to swim in. I actually got to TALK to Kamel without being interrupted 5,000 times in the span of 1 full sentence, and it was fucking bliss.

A year of dates here we come! January handled.


Episode 3: Cheaters

Welcome to the first official episode about relationships with guest contributor, Kamel. He also happens to be my husband. This week we are talking about cheating! Specifically: Can someone actually go a solid amount of time without knowing that they are being cheated on? Can that actually happen? Let me know what you think and who you agree with more by using the hashtags #teamLauren or #teamKamel. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS


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It’s List Inception at This Point

I feel like all of my posts are update posts because I have so much to say and my brain is a humble jumble and all I can do is think in lists. So here I am updating you on things again. Feel free to ask me questions in comments (if you have wonderings, that is) because I am a scattered, headachey, infrequently showered lump. 1.) Speaking of lumps. I feel like a giant bag of loose skin. Working out has paused as I have handled a very strange, two week long cold. A cold that had no clear path, but went from feeling like shit to sort of sore throaty, to snotty (but not too snotty), to MAYBE cough-y, to snotty again, to only snotty at night, to...


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4th Anniversary: Fruit and Flowers

We spent our 4th anniversary like this: And a little bit like this: This year of marriage has probably been our hardest. I don’t know if Kamel feels that way, but I definitely do. I wasn’t interested in the compromise of marriage. Marriage is work on a personal level. Loving your partner is not the hard part, it’s being constantly capable of considering another person, being willing and able to put them first. There were lots of times in the last year where I didn’t feel willing to do that, where I was spread too thin, where I really wanted to just stomp away and slam the doors and say I Don’t Want To. And...


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The Catch Up

Fae Lira was born!! I am no longer pregnant, and that was exactly the first words out of my mouth after she sprang forth from my womb. (Imagery right there, folks. Like maybe she had a top hat and a cane and she did a little jig? TA DAAAAA!) How that all came to be will be a story for next week because, guess what? Having 2 kids is way harder than having just 1. Like … holy shit what did we do what were we thinking, I GUESS THIS IS OUR LIFE NOW. Fae is the best and Gabe is the cutest big brother but I seem to never have any free hands and my laundry just tripled. Also! It was Kamel and my anniversary yesterday! And I didn’t...


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Date Nights and Chore Wheels

Two questions have been asked of me at least a few times and I’ve sort of put off answering them because I thought the answers were boring. Except I love peering into all of the nooks and crannies of other people’s lives, so maybe I should just get over myself, hm? The first question that’s been racketing around is about couple time and date nights.  (Last summer, afternoon canoeing sans baby.) How do we find time to do this? Do we have a schedule? Budget? Timeline? We kind of don’t. I think it would be easier in life if we did. But! Having too many things set in stone stresses me out. Even if it was a standing date...


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Who the hell is she?


Seattle/Writer/Adventurer/Married to Kamel/Maker of many mistakes/Mom of 1 Gabriel and 1 TBD/Baker of things/Roaster of Vegetables/Maker of videos/Normal life photographer/Romantic/Irreverent/Honest

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