Lust List: Monday-spiration

Lately I have been craving my old body back like you wouldn’t believe. I want to push myself in a sweaty muscle-aching work out. I want to feel what it’s like to sleep on my stomach or flop around trying to get comfortable without the effort of a thousand careful ninjas. I want to spontaneously online shop for the perfect oh-my-gosh-I-just-can’t-believe-how-beautiful-this-is jacket/skirt/blouse. And I don’t want it to have a stretchy panel. I want to climb hills and stairs without huffing and puffing. And I want to feel fabulous. Like really really fabulous. Because even though there are days where I do feel pulled together and confident as a big pregnant lady – there is no denying a lack of FABULOUSNESS due to functionality. I’m totally ok with it, there is a time and a place for everything! I just want it back.

So today I’m using the power of pinterest to share some of my lusty inspirations. Oh man… I cannot WAIT to wear something with a fitted waist, or a smart jacket that closes! What are your lusty inspirations lately? If you have a minute – leave me a link in the comments. I am always looking for more reasons to fashion-drool on my keyboard.

Flowy shirt, fitted waist. Swoon.
Flowy shirt, fitted waist. Swoon. Source.
Ethereal. Source.
Ethereal. Source.
Madly in love with this shape. Source.
Madly in love with this shape. Source.
I want to NEED to wear this. And if I can't find a reason I will throw myself a party. Source.
I want to NEED to wear this. And if I can’t find a reason I will throw myself a party. Source.
If wearing these out in public is wrong, I don't want to be right. Source.
If wearing these out in public is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Source.
There is apparently a black/white theme happening here... Source.
There is apparently a black/white theme happening here… Source.
Hides all kinds of sins. Source.
Hides all kinds of sins. Source.
Sweetheart, buttons, sheerness, red. Source.
Sweetheart, buttons, sheerness, red. Source.
I don't even have words for how pretty these are. Source.
I don’t even have words for how pretty these are. Source.
I can practically smell the sunshine in this photo. Lace! Purple! ahh! Source.
I can practically smell the sunshine in this photo. Lace! Purple! ahh! Source.
This is quite possibly over the top, but whatever. It's so far beyond a bathrobe and sweatpants I would wear this doozy to work if I could. Source.
This is quite possibly over the top, but whatever. It’s so far beyond a bathrobe and sweatpants I would wear this doozy to work if I could. Source.

Happy Monday everyone! I raise my 700th glass of water to toast a little day-dreaming and a lot of fabulous.

Lust List: I Want All The Things Edition

It has been forever and a day since I scouted the internet for things I think are awesome-sauce. But now the streak will be broken with 8 things I think are ah-mazing and I want them all right this second. Oh being a grown up, how you thwart me so!!

This bobby pin is too awesome

I’m obsessing over the simple things and for whatever reason that means corks in white containers. Corks for the win. What I would put in this? I don’t know. but I want the whole collection. Where would I put it? That is far from important.

Studs. Studly. Sea Foam.

Why didn’t I think of this? I love this very much.

I don’t even need a stool. I just want it (and really.. does anyone truly need a footstool? Like is that the one thing missing from your house? No. Never. But it makes no difference). 

Oh my god please buy this shirt and wear it every single day and take pictures with it on and send them to me. Or better yet, we could just hang out. Claire Jesse, I’m looking at you.

Hello accidentally sexy and comfortable at the same time.

When will my hair be long enough and awesome enough so that I can do this? It is all I want in life currently. The bun at the top, the pop of color. Ba-Bam.

What are you lusting after? Link me to the things you’re drooling over in comments. We can drool together. (Aww Yeahh.)

Guest-Posting Lust List: Earrings

After my (little) large earring post, Eliza of candy_luminous (and of Australia, ftw) sent me a very excited email full of etsy links for earrings. She was not-so-subtly encouraging me on my accessor-escapade. I was already thinking of doing an earring roundup for any of you  wanting to spruce up your own collection (I’m assuming you all are much more accessorized than I am at this point), so it was the perfect timing! These are all of Eliza’s recs (after I scanned through her many, many links and picked out my favorites. A little round up of my own is at the bottom. Go Eliza!!

These are so pretty, not at all boring, and would go with everything. They also come in different sizes, so you can choose how dainty (or not dainty) you want to go. From Minicyn.

Little stars! I used to have a little star – just one – that I wore in my top left ear piercing every day. Hmm, maybe I should get these and start doing that again…

A little bird on your shoulder, only they are hanging from your ears! From Lulu Bug Jewelery.

A bit different, but still small and neutral enough to be worn every day. These also come in black, and I think this shop also sells their designs cut into wood. From Isette.

These are simple, but a little bigger. I’d wear them to the officeand with a dress for Friday night drinks, or even just with jeans to dress a look up a bit.

Oooh, SPIKES! Add a little grrr to your day, without going all out ragey on anyone. From Miki And Nora.

These are really different, and I love that about them. Swirls are elegant, yet the shape of these is very modern. They also come in a lighter silver colour, which might be more versatile. By Masaoms

You could wear these with a little black dress – take it from basic to a little more interesting. Or again, I’d wear these with jeans and a t shirt if I wanted to feel a bit more funky. This shop has lots of different options and you might also be able to get these in white.

Mismatching! We’re shaking it up over here! For the lady who likes a tea party. By Untamed Menagerie.

Or this gorgeous mismatched pair from the same shop. To me these are poignant earrings. And you don’t often see poignancy in earrings.
And here are a few Lauren-picks after catching my own earring bug:

I definitely have a thing for this shape. There was another pair that Eliza had picked out that looked very similar, but I couldn’t fit the photo in with all of the others (ah! formatting!). I also have a thing for brushed gold and lacy girlyness. By Perini Designs.

These are so crazytown gorgeous I don’t even feel worthy of them. Seriously. I would need a gala or a ball or sunday-in-my-pajamas to wear something so elegant. By Poetry Jewelery (of course they are).

I am obsessed with turquoise. I haven’t done anything with this obsession, and I still don’t own anything turquoise, but I like looking at it and wishing I did. By Moria Kats.

I don’t know what else to say about these besides the fact that they are beautiful. Petals always have a kind of easy beauty. Accidental or something. Something about the softness and the way I imagine these catch the light. By Dalia Shamir Jewelery.

Where do you go for your jewelery obsession? Do you have items you’ve been lusting after? Which of these is your fave?

Thanks to Eliza for taking the initiative on this one! I’m definitely looking at buying several of these for my sad (but growing!) little collection. I’ll keep you posted!

Lust List Holiday Edition: Lauren’s 2011 Massive Gift Guide

The time has finally come! The Better In Real Life 2011 Gift Guide is here! I’ve scoured my favorite independent designer/artist/craftsman shops (etsy, supermarket, and A+R) for a well rounded gift giving-palooza that supports real artists, rocking it out in their homes as their day job and despite their day job.
Continue reading “Lust List Holiday Edition: Lauren’s 2011 Massive Gift Guide”

Lust List: Hair Accessories

Apparently all I can think about is hair. I’ve tried to mix it up with some cooking posts, and social awareness discussions, but can we all just be honest with ourselves for a moment? Hair is just where it’s at. Especially after you do something drastic. And, since most of the suggestions from the other day were all “VOLUME! And put something pretty in it!!” I figured a little roundup was in order. And I may run out before Saturday and pick something up. I wanted to get some options from target for a one-time-use (or 3 times, whatever) cheaper option, but they didn’t have any that weren’t for little kids on their website. Boo. But let’s get started anyway.

Try not to over focus on the model’s insanely beautiful skin and check out her adorable present head! It looks like those funny stick-um bows you slap on gifts, right? But it’s so festive. Unfortunately, for the price of this hair accessory from Kamilla Antonio, you could buy an entire outfit. Let me repeat: stupid expensive. Which is really disappointing because I don’t think it has to be $115.00, I mean, what? I just… present head, festive, too pricey.

I love these types of headbands with the flat feather patch because they look like little caps, smart little vintage lady hats. I have a lot of hair flowers and sometimes they can get out of hand. I love that this piece by RubyPearls is bright and fun, but also not floppy, and can be tucked right on top of your hair with needing a mass of curls to combat the fluffy flower bit. It can be day time – shopping downtown, or night time – classy cocktail party, or even night time – dancedanceshakeshake, and it’s still a little unexpected.

Turbans. I have to be honest, I am not cool enough to rock this look. I’m just not. Also, I’m not 100% sure it works with short hair (how amazing is this lady’s hair btw), and is probably not appropriate for a fancy event, but to mix it up on a daily basis I think yes. This twisted lace turban by JustLive is adorable. And she has a bunch of others that are extra cute as well. It’s one of those things I need a little bit of bravery to try out, but it might be way worth it and way simple for a big pop in a boring jeans and sweater day.

Ok. When I was looking for ideas for this post, I braced myself for the onslaught of bridal-only hair stuff. I mean, realistically, as much as I would love to, I can’t run around with a birdcage on my head and peeking up and over my eyes on a daily basis. People would think I had a complex. But this? I think this is just fabulous, forget the labeling as bridal. And you know what? Eff the long hair on this model, I want it. I want to wear it with my short hair and I want it to swallow it all up and completely take over my entire head. DO IT.  But, um, there is a problem. Remember how I talked about the price of the first present-head hair accessory? Yeah. This blows that right out of the water. And really, I have to ask mryakim who can afford to buy this beauty at $415 smacks?! WHO myrakim, WHO??!

This is all I have to say, in a breathy whisper. (Yes. yes. yes. yes) Oh yes, BeSomethingNew.

So apparently Justliv and I have a special relationship that I’m just now finding out about, because hotdamn. You know what I love about the Hello Dolly Doily? Besides the name? (tee hee) The fact that it looks home made but … I didn’t have to! No DIY here, just DIY style … without the glue burns. For the win. But seriously, these are sooo well styled and unique, and lovely, and I want one because I’m positive it will make me smarter, and more talented, and very very rich. They have tons of different styles so def go check out this shop.

This headband is from Anthropologie and is beautiful. I am ecstatic that there are so many options that aren’t just flowers. As much as I love a good flower in my hair, they aren’t always appropriate. I also very much appreciate the beading and the great combination of colors, so it’s much more wearable, regardless of the color of your shirt. Three cheers for flexibility!

This reminds me of a starfish. And I am loving the whole “lays flat on your head” look, versus the big poofy look. And for only $15 dollars at Anthropologie. When has Anth ever been the cheaper option? I know, right?

Doing this search really brought to light the many, many options in fancy-ing up your ‘do. (Or my ‘do for that matter.) Flowers can be tired, but turbans, sparkly headbands, DIY inspired beauty, can keep it all fresh. And there is so much of it out there! Who knew! If you have any favorite tips/tricks or styling techniques, I know I got some yesterday, but feel free to share in comments today as well. Yay accessories!

Lust List: Let’s Kitchen

I have been obsessed with the kitchen for the last few weeks. I don’t think anyone here is shocked by this. Last night we had an onion, potato, green bean, goat cheese scramble for dinner last night. In this house scrambles are our favorite way to eat veggies we don’t know what to do with. Are you sick of my vegetable talk yet? Ha! TOO BAD! No, actually let’s talk kitchen gadgets. Because shopping is still more fun than cooking.

There are so many amazing dish towels, tea towels, or fancy cloth napkins running around out there. These I love because 1) beer 2) different shaped letters. They are simple, and fun, and perfect for every day or a fish and chip get-together. Also, it reminds me of a story. When Kamel’s sister was still living in the city, we would head to happy hour, or pick up some beer on the way home before watching movies and eating chinese. One day, while we were scoping out what was on tap, she mentioned she would like an Eepa. Eepa, I thought. What the eff is an Eepa? And then it hit me – IPA. And you can get your very own Eepa towels at NestaHome for $23.50 (for a set of 4!).

Check out these jugs. It’s the T and A set of beverage jars from Luis Caicedo out of NYC. More boobs and butts please. Especially on my table while having guests over. Yes please.

This is a wok. How freaking badass is that?! I have a thing for appliances or gadgets that I feel could get up and walk away. And in this case, I could totally imagine this wok suddenly sprouting eyes and having a nice long chat with me about russian literature or some other very high brow cultural element. Because this shiz, this shiz is classy. You can get this beauty at A + R Store, one of my favorite places to look for unique gifts.

I don’t know what else to say about this except: GENIUS! Freaking fan-tastic. And it’s another A+R find, and you can get it here, for $8.50.

I have always, always, always loved fabulous cutting boards. And these are spectacular. Red Onion Woodworks uses salvaged wood to create these amazing works of art, that just happen to be crazy useful. You can buy this one, here for $78.00! Yes to supporting beauty, yes to supporting salvaged goods.

Happy kitchening!

Lust List: Baby Me

This is the first time in my life where I know this many women who are pregnant or trying to get there. It’s totally blowing my mind in a, “Wait. What? Grownup who? Oh, I’m friends with mothers… and wannabe mothers? Who the…” kinda way. Plus… it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday… or in my world “Momma Day”, the day where my mom gets to have my dad jump out of bed, and drive to get her coffee while she waits in a warm bed. This is a holy day in my house.

I digress. Babies. What to buy for babies? What to buy for mother’s of babies and small ones? Every time I walk by the kids section at Target I can’t help but oogle at the little baby jeans and the little baby tutus and the little baby pajamas. Drool. So let’s start.

If I had any talent whatsoever I would knit these for every baby I know. And then I would continue with the grown people because AWWWWWWWWW.

But, if you are like me and have no craft skill whatsoever, you can buy these adorable hats at BabeeStitches Etsy Shop. They are 22 dollars, come in a variety of sizes and are sure to get you the biggest sighs at the baby shower. Every body wins.

And what happens when your bald little girl is constantly being called a little boy? Or if you just want her to wear GIANT FLOWERS ON HER HEAD. Because, why not? You have ultimate control, so why not exert it? For Adorableness.

Jill Calabrese has you covered with a bunch of cutie-pie headbands like the one above. I wish they came in big girl sizes.

More robots please. The world needs more robot art.

This one’s named Walter. And Walter has many friends over at Modern Pop. They all need homes. In the baby’s room. Or … your kitchen. Wherever. You won’t see me judging… or talking lovingly to my new robot friend… stop staring at me. You’re making Walter uncomfortable. Shh… pay no attention to them, Walter.

Again, if I had any skills whatsoever I may be able to create this awesome dress by Rocker Baby Inc., but I do not. So I will gladly pay someone who days. Especially for the bow. LOOK AT THE BOW! I think the best gifts at baby showers are either spa days for the mom (hells yeah) or stuff for the older-than-newborn-baby (this is, of course, leaving out the massively expensive things that I couldn’t afford anyway). I may be wrong, and please correct me if so, but they only stay little for a short time. They may stay toddler sized for longer than teensy baby size. So why not?

I want to be a baby just for these shoes, eff giving them to a baby, I want them for me. But, I guess… I’ll have to deal with the fact that my feet will never be that small and adorable again. And that Zuzii Footwear doesn’t make Petal Shoes in my size. (Damn the man.) They come in lots of colors, so white is definitely not the only option.

This kind of colorful, textured art is something I would have loved as a kid. And something as an adult, I would want decorating one of my rooms. It seems like such a no brainer: Wood, lovely materials, owls. Done and done. But really, this is made me a thoughtful eye, and a mind for color. Petit Collage has bunches of lovely designs like Owl and Baby. Plus! These designs are made from vintage, found, hand painted and recycled papers mounted on maple plywood. Recycled art for the win!

Raise your hand if you have a baby shower to attend sometime soon? Raise your hand if you’re going to be throwing a baby shower for your bun in the oven? There are tons and tons of awesome baby things on the internets. Go explore! Maybe you’ll find a lovely independent artist type to adopt for your baby’s feets heads rooms life.

Lust List: Lamps

In the Dupuis-Perez Household, we’ve been obsessing…. over lamps. We can’t afford real furniture (and apparently we can’t afford new lamps either. Ha!) so we’ve been obsessing over household accessories. Remember the fear of having people over and our panic induced framing-palooza? Well, one thing leads to another and pretty soon the photos need better lighting, and that shade is stupid, and maybe we’ll just WALK down the target lighting aisle just to SEE what they have. You get the idea, and here we have arrived.

I want this. It’s from Lamps Plus and it’s 100 dollars and I want it. Can I justify a 100 dollar lamp? No. but it doesn’t stop the lust, ladies and gentleman, the lust cannot be stopped. Also – Lamps Plus? Who would have thought, right?

This is a Daffodil Bell Desk Lamp. And If I had an office, or a writing study, or a desk that wasn’t covered in “clean” clothes, or an entry way even (obviously, I’m not picky) I would put this lamp there, and it would make me happy. Kamel says I like old lady things, and I respond with a resounding “Hells yes” because old lady are the shit, fool. This lamp can be found at Amazon and is “currently unavailable” putting it on the ultimate lust list – even if I could I wouldn’t be able to buy it. Womp.

This is a Crate and Barrel lamp.

So is this one.

I think both of these are actually on our registry. We enjoy picking furniture, kitchen things, housing accessories, that look as if they could get up and run away if they wanted. We want items in our house that have personality and animation. I imagine that first lamp to make a bass-y tuba noise when it tries to speak, and that second one is a scuttler… you know that lamp scuttles around the living room whenever you’re out of town. He so crazy.

And this overhead light by Re-Surface Design out of Brooklyn, NY and is one of those home items I will never, ever, ever feel cool enough to own, but will forever and ever lust after. And! Lucky you! (Because, obviously you’re cooler than me, let’s not even front) It’s on sale right now, marked down to $195! (Holy shit, what was it before?) Oh, the price you pay for unique, awesome, and independent artist made. Sigh.

Then, if none of these work, and you’re just fed up with lamp shopping, you can never go wrong with boobs. (As mama always says)

Nothing says classy like a lamp with a pasty.

Or, if tacky isn’t your thing, and you have enough light in your lovely abode, there’s always the applique option.

This little number is from Elly Nelly out of Australia and I love it so much! We might have to do an entire Lust List inspired by wall graphics because they are yet another thing I am far too lame-o to own in real life. Sigh.

One day, when we actually get some non-ikea luminescence up in here, I’ll give a heads up. Until then, I’ll be shopping from afar.

Lust List: Make My Home Pretty

I always find it harder to spend money on my home than I do anywhere else. Wine glasses? Who needs those when we have mugs? Art? Let’s just frame some photos. Storage? An end table? No, no, no, we couldn’t possibly! My biggest home purchase ever (besides some amazing art that is now in our kitchen and a few desks over the years) was our couch that we got on super sale and that, when the delivery guys hauled it up our stairs, I was surprised we didn’t have to put together ourselves. That’s classy. So if I had a ton of extra cash, and the will to spend it – this is what I would buy.

Woolly Bear is exactly how I feel in the mornings and how Kamel looks right when he wakes up. Aww! I want it in my house somewhere prominent so that every time I walk by I have to squelch the urge to cuddle it. Julia Pott Illustrations is out of London, and all of her work should be in a children’s book… or in my house.

The Departure makes the fat kid inside of me squeel with glee. It also makes me super happy and reminds me of Up in a very whimsical way. RawToastDesign has absolutely awesome collection of prints (Like this one) that get my imagination and smile going. I love happy art.

I have an unexplained adoration of quirky pillows. I love them. I want them. And yet… I never can justify the purchase. But I should, because they would make me happy and I would use them every day. Plus, fun pillows are such an easy way to add a bit of quirk to a room without trying, really, at all. These are from Build Your Block out of Brooklyn (Say that 3 times fast) and they do a bunch of city-scape design stuff so go check them out.

I have fallen madly in love with Tina Frey Designs. She works mostly in Resin and creates housewares and jewelery that is both incredibly modern and incredibly organic feeling all at the same time. She is a San Francisco Designer and I first found her when I fell in love with her bright blue cuff (once I hunt it down, somewhere in the city, it’s going to become my “something blue”).

I have just been ACHING for a whimsical lamp shade. I went to the housewares sales at anthropologie, searching for a lamp shade I saw online for $15 bucks that would be perfect on our crappy ikea lamp and when I got there it was the size of my palm. Womp Womp. This one though, is regular sized, and knowing anthropologie it won’t even be linkable in 6 months, but I had to show you anyway because it’s like having two awesome lamps. The first is so very day time with all of the colors and flower happies. But when you turn the light on …

… it becomes all red lips and drama. Just like that shirt you sometimes wear to the office meaning to really break it out at Happy Hour – this lamp goes from day to class in a flick of your fingers.

Happy shopping!

Lust List: Everything We Didn’t Get for Christmas

Here I am again, continuing the tireless campaign for consumerism. Sigh. But how can I help loving pretty things and my eternal excitement for presents? We’ll just chalk it up to being cultural. Ha.

Alright anthropologie, there isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t slay me. But these little gems hit the nail right on the head. Oomf.

So sparkly, with a little unexpected rough around the edges. Love. Plus I’m trying to expand my accessories. I feel like that’s a constant for most ladies. When are we ever like “No more jewelery, I finally have enough of everything.” Seriously.

This dress blows me away. It’s from myblackdress out of LA and you’ve gotta go click on the link because the back to this is even better than the adorably flattering front. I mean talk about a tiny waist and the A-line that gives every woman glorious hips. Love. I want to wear this shopping, to lunch with my grandma, to dinner with the boy. I’d probably sleep in it too. Not gonna lie.

This is the Palmas Bolero. Hold on a moment while I wipe the drool off my keyboard. I feel like this is one of those wardrobe game changers. It will magically turn all of your (my) basic t-shirts (ya know, the ones you can always justify buying and then wow, how did they become my wardrobe staple?) into something… else. Something fabulously put together, but in that relaxed “oh this old thing?” kind of way. It’s by Zelaya and comes from El Salvador.

Uh oh. It’s another example of my love for giant mother-effing hair accessories. I can’t help it. It’s so easy and so statement making in the same breath. This Ivory Magnolia Headband comes from linzgutz who makes a lot of other amazing hair pieces as well. Lots of good wedding stuff in her shop for anyone who is searching.

I am a sucker for interesting coasters. Sometimes they are the best conversation starters and when no one is using them they make the living room look just that much more polished. I think fun coasters are amazing house warming gifts as well. They are super useful without being predictable. I love the old newspaper background of these paired with the bright colored Victorian furniture. In The Parlor stone coasters are from The Painted Lily.

I have so many more things that I’ve hidden away in my bag of tricks but I think that’s going to be our post holiday Lust List. Happy Shopping! Let me know what you liked and if you snatch anything up in the comments!