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Amazon Beach Baby + Giveaway

It has been hot in Seattle the last few weeks. No one here has any AC so we are suffering away in our brick apartment, blasting fans (that the bay is afraid of) and trying to make dinners that don’t require turning the oven on. We’re also splashing in the wading pool, about to head off for a staycation where AC will be plentiful (and a roof top pool will be at our disposal), and prepping for a trip to the Maine coast in August. I really should take out stock in baby sunscreen.

Since we had our first trial run with baby + beach in Miami in March, I do have some tips and beach baby product ideas (with the help of Amazon!) to hopefully make any summer pool/beach/park/outdoor adventure easier.



These glasses are awesome. Super durable (a guarantee against breakage for 1 year… what?!), perfect fit for little noggins, and they come in lots of colors. We have classic black.


We got them just after Gabe turned 1. At the time he wasn’t super into wearing anything on his face, but now that he is a few months older (at 16 months), he loves glasses. I’m thinking about getting a second pair that live in the car so when he is getting blasted with sun even through our window screen he can be comfortable.

The iPlay Baby Sunhat

We do not have this exact brand, but I have it in my shopping cart. We are hat obsessed and since our stroller was stolen (and our favorite red orca hat along with it!) we are down to just 1 hat. And with SPF clothing on my fair skinned baby, 1 hat is just not enough!


I like the iPlay because they have the back of the neck flap which I used to (And still do because I am forgetful) burn all of the time as a kid. Sunburns before you’re 18 are a major cause of skin cancer, so hat’s with 50 block sunscreen fabric that make my kid look like a weird little explorer? Yes please.


You should also check out the other stuff iPlay has on Amazon. They have some great options for kids younger than a year as well.

Organic Diaper Cover

Look at how cute these beach bloomers are!


This is not my baby, but I want a reason to buy these so badly!! Beach bloomers are way better for the beach than stupid boring shorts! I didn’t even know these things existed! And now I want my own grown up beach bloomers! With sea animals! Look at those chubby little thighs! I am dead of beach bloomer adorableness.

Pop’n Play Summer Infant Portable Play Yard

We don’t have one of these, but I’ve been spending a lot of time browsing amazon trying to figure out some sort of contraption for beach or park nap time. If you have little crawlers this may be perfect for a backyard or a deck you want to hang out on this summer. There is a great video on their amazon page that shows how easy the set up is. I wish I had this when Gabe was smaller so that he could have hung out in the kitchen with us without always getting caught up in our feet. The Pop’n Play is so much easier to set up than a Pack’n Play (which we were using as a little play yard before), it basically unfolds like a camping chair. Super easy. If this had a sun protecting accessory I would be all over it.

Munchkin Five Sea Squirts and Beach Buddies Deep Sea 3 Piece Bath Set

For Gabe’s first birthday we asked for clothes and bath toys. Bath toys are the best! Especially if you can’t get to the beach this summer, these work amazingly well for backyard kiddie pools. Plus in our house we are obsessed with “under the sea” anything. Gabe is constantly “Fish fish fish!” even if one pops up on the TV, so fish themed bath things that squirt? YAY!

The three piece bath set comes with little baby spa slippers! Plus a terry robe and a bucket for sand castles. I may pick this up as a surprise fun thing for Gabe when we get to Maine after our red-eye flight into Boston. We’ve been having fights getting him toweled off and dressed post bath, I’m hoping adding some special bits to that routine will help with the tantrums.

JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket

We use blankets and quilts all of the time, whether it is on the floor in Gabe’s room, or at the beach, or on the grass at the park. It’s nice to have somewhere to sit where fishy crackers can be spilled and plush toys can hang out without getting sandy, wet, muddy, grass stains, etc. As we continue our weekend-ing adventures and traveling this summer, it would be nice to have somewhere that is water resistant and super durable so that I am not constantly washing and wearing out our good quilts I hope to hold onto for many years. Having an outdoor blanket is something I don’t always think about, but when you can just toss it in the car, they can come in massively handy when you least expect it.

 Itzy Ritzy Reusable Snack Bags

Ok. I have a confession. One time I ate an opened granola bar in the diaper bag when I was really desperate that had been in there for I don’t know how long. Long enough to be hard? I ate it anyway. Here is another confession: because there are so many pockets in my diaper bag sometimes I lose snacks. And often they have been opened and not finished and little crumbs and crunched cheddar rockets are everywhere and there are almonds where the diapers should be and old spoons willy nilly. It’s a miracle my kid has never gotten some weird mold growth on his tongue. It may not be exactly that bad, but it is pretty annoying.


I want these adorable bags. I would not have to deal with half opened zip lock bag crumbs of doom, and I wouldn’t have to deal with stupid zip lock bags of doom. Bags of doom, these are not those kind. (I kind of want them just for my work lunches, to be honest.)

Terry Shark Robe

Oh HELLO amazing shark robe!


This robe is ridiculously fun. It is super soft and it has a shark fin on the hood, teeth, and a tale!



The fun news is: We (Me+Amazon) are giving away this awesome shark robe to one of you! It is for babies 0-9 months, but seeing how it fit on Gabe (who is now 16 months) it should definitely be good for up to a year at least. Gabe is not a small tyke.


This robe is so awesome!! And will be perfect for any occasion – bath time to beach time. I love it.

To enter: Leave a comment telling me about your favorite summer adventure. You get an extra entry if you also share this post on facebook (make sure to tag betterinrealife or me directly in the post so I can see it). 

Talking about this amazon list is really about finding those handful of items that make the normal stuff fun. Protecting your kid from the sun, bath time, pool time, etc. How can I make these daily grinds, or seasonal adventures easier and more fun?

Side note! When I was pregnant with Gabe a lot of family and friends wanted to send us congratulations gifts. It was a lovely sentiment and many people asked us what we needed. At the time the whole baby making process paired with the baby “things” dilemma was very overwhelming. We didn’t have a baby shower of any kind because the amount of stuff that demanded seemed too much for our tiny apartment. What we did do is suggest Amazon Gift Cards which worked out great! And helped us fund daipers and last minute must-haves for many months after the Gabe was born. If I had known more, though, and what I totally should have done was start a registry at Amazon Baby. Tons of brands and items all in one place. I also suggest Prime as a new parent – sometimes you just need stuff asap and not having to pay for shipping is a godsend. We have used that Prime icon more times than I can count. The cost of membership has repaid itself over and over and over again with convenience and the savings in shipping costs.

Have you used any of these products? What do you suggest for making beach and summer play easier? (Do you use a pop up contraption for baby naps outside? I would love some sun-proofing recs!!)


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