Hey There, New Friend

Well hello there. You look lovely today. Nice to meet you. Come, stay awhile, leave a comment, come back again, all of that.

I am getting a lot of hits today because I am an intern at A Practical Wedding, an amazing wedding blog run by Meg. I’ve been editing, being supportive of, and assisting Meg in all of her todos, for about the past 3 weeks – a month. I’ve been blogging since 2004 on a variety of levels and formats, and just recently moved everything over to WordPress after deleting my entire blog last August and starting a-fresh (in order to erase most of my early 20s angst).

This blog is not actually about weddings, although I am getting married July, 16 2011, so there will be stuff about all of that business. I write because I seem to have this knack where I say the things that a lot of people think, but never say, or feel and don’t know how to say. In other words – I am the voice of the people, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. No, I’m joking. A lot of the time I end up sticking my foot in my mouth, or a very large cookie, depending on the situation. I am also a writer, and I talk about that, and a life-lister, and I talk about that. Life listing helps me stay interesting, so I feel it is a perk for all. You can check out the Life List tab above to see my list, and add your own at the bottom.

I also very much enjoy fashion and design (does anyone seriously DESPISE fashion and design? Who doesn’t like pretty things?) so sometimes I write fashion posts about things I’ve discovered or am struggling with or have an opinion on. Like skinny jeans, makeup, and most recently SALES. I know it may be a shock to some of the new people (and probably some of the old) but I was not a sale shopper until just a few months ago. Sometimes I just wouldn’t shop at all instead of shopping in the sales area. Why? Who does that? I must have been insane, but thankfully my love for buying stuff won out over my snooty background.

Anyhoo- if you would like to get to know me a little better you can check out some of my favorite posts: Here, here, annnnnd here. Please, feel free to comment. I enjoy new opinions, the internet is inspiring that way.


Well hello there! You found me! Welcome to the new site. A few things have changed and many have stayed the same. You can thank Kamel for the new design. He managed to put up with all of my requests and changes of mind and took it on as a challenge instead of a a huge pain in the ass (which is pretty much what I saw the re-design as until I stopped whining and started really thinking).

You’ll notice the tabs at the top. I’ll be posting interesting, relevant photos every few days for you to browse through, stuff that didn’t make it into the posts, and maybe some of my favorites that did.

I’ve also taken my Life List off the side bar and put it up at the top for easy access. I truly can’t do all of these things alone. If you can and would like to help, or join in, I would be more than happy to hear from you.

I’m going to start adding more Lust Lists to the blog. I want to find affordable (and not so affordable) items that are well designed, think out of the box, and inspire me in some way. I also want to support independent artists, boutique shops, and local designers. You’ll be able to click on that tab and see all of my past Lust Lists for your convenience.These will be up in a few weeks.

Not everything is 100% set up quite yet, but it’s almost there. Let me know if something doesn’t work or if something is difficult to navigate.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me! I wouldn’t have anyone to write to if it wasn’t for you. I hope this place remains entertaining, identifiable, stylish, and goofy all at once.

Moving, Moved, Gone

Everybody grows up, but not everyone matures. Not everyone wants to mature, that’s for sure. (and that rhymed. YES!) And this blog has reached the point in its life where it, too, needs to grow up and move out of its mother’s house.

That’s right, we’re leaving blogger, we’re moving on to bigger and better things, where I have to pay for hosting and where all things are possible. (Maybe not all things, but more things. Yay!)

So, in order to continue the story of Better In Real Life you can use either of these domains (if they don’t work for you right away, try back tomorrow. Things may possibly be wonky at first):




See you on the flip side!

Masthead Me!

Behold the beautiful art of Regina Perez. Soon to be tattoo artist. Pretty sweet likeness too, right? Minus the calves – i have calves that no boots can contain. Hooray! I have a customized masthead! Finally! Other items for you to peruse on my blog: the pictures of me (so self centered this one) that rotate through the months of the year. Once the year mark passes for any month the pictures are removed. It’s a rotating year-in-the-life-of. Also I have a list of blogs that I frequent that are not the famous ones (dooce, mightygirl, finslippy, etc) – those people don’t need more readers, but my people do! I’ve been playing around with have a list of books I’m currently reading with links to where you can buy them, but then it becomes embarrassing when I’ve lingered on one for far too long. I had a fairly routine quiz that appeared on my side bar, but eh… I kept forgetting to cycle them through and i ran out of things to quiz you on. I’m trying to class up this joint, ya know? 🙂 But if there is something you’d like to see, let me know. In the mean time YAY MASTHEAD and thank you Regina!

If you’d like to see more of Regina’s art you can check out her flickr here.


Woah there. Where did all my archiving go?

Well here’s the story. I started cringing at the idea of people… actual real people… reading my previous entries with all my angst and bad attitudes and talking smack about people (I TALK SMACK?!) and basically all of the things i shouldn’t have been putting on the internet in the first place but so obviously was. And wow, that’s embarrassing. Especially with my new need to be all prof about it.

So here we are. Starting fresh. Don’t worry. I still have it all saved on my computer for easy references. But for a bit things will be a little…. bland… around here. But I’m working on it. 🙂 And I still have funny stories and deep, introspective topics to discuss. So, as usual, stay tuned.