This is a list of people I truly enjoy reading and who I think you should check-out too! Blogrolls make me uncomfortable, they feel like a cool-kid’s club and I am not a fan of that at all. I am a fan, though, of giving a little shout out to those blogs I read/check pretty much every single day. So, enjoy!

[box] Christy Tyler Photography
Christy Tyler and her husband, James, are two of my favorite internet people. I adore her work, her stories, her vibe, the whole shebang. She lives in Chicago, works for herself, and is an all around great person.[/box]

[box] It’s No Greys Anatomy
Sarah writes about her experiences as a general surgery resident. She is totally real and writes honestly about her job and her life.[/box]

[box] Finslippy
One time Alice Bradley was doing a book tour and I got to sit next to her and drink wine and tell funny stories. I’ve been reading her for years and she is totally a writer’s blogger. Kind of like an “actor’s director” except with more snark. Also, one time I showed up on her blog (ZOMG!) you can check that out here![/box]

[box] Poppies and Ice Cream
Meet Amanda. She is basically me if I were Mexican and living in Amsterdam. Reading her posts and seeing her life makes me really happy.[/box]

[box] Post-Graduate Pie
This blog echos so much of what I think and feel and wonder about. It’s lovely over here.[/box]

[box] Girls Gone Child
Rebecca Woolf is exactly who I want to be when I grow up. I got to meet her in real life and she is pretty much exactly who she is online – a trait that is incredibly rare. Being a mom does not equal sudden lameness. Go read her, she’ll tell you all about it.[/box]

[box] Palindrome at Home
Fashion collage-ing and life transitions, before and afters, and pictures of cats. I love it.[/box]

[box] Margaret LaFleur
Because who needs a blog name when your real name is just that awesome. Margaret is my grad school friend and my real life friend and my writing buddy. She is wise and funny and writes about trying to be a writer in the real world, the challenges and disappointments of being in your 20s in THIS economy, the simple joys, and books.[/box]

[box]Ā A Gai Shan Life
Revanche of A Gai Shan life talks money, talks real-life-shit, talks openly about what drives her nuts, about society today, about anything and everything she feels like. One of the most fascinating people I know. You will not be disappointed.[/box]

[box] Mimi Smartypants
This blog makes me laugh so hard in public I go into the crazy person silent laugh. It is the kind of blog you can’t read at work because people will ask you what you’re laughing at and then you’ll have to make something up because it is probably not work appropriate and you should probably get back to that excel doc anyways, but fuck it. Mimi Smartypants is way more entertaining and so so worth it. [/box]

[box] Not Intent on Arriving
Kristin is a poet and writes a blog semi-focused on travel, but also focused on the big and small joys of life. She is charmingly gracious and lovely and I am absolutely honored to have met her in real life. [/box]

**This will be an ever evolving list! I hope you enjoy exploring the links and the stories beneath them. And of course, if for any reason you would prefer to be removed, or your information changes, please email me at**

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    1. oh me too!! it’s like a special little present. And i’m not even done filling it yet. linking and plugging it all in somehow exhausts me. šŸ™‚ But I’ll get there!

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