2 Kids, 2 Adults, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Apartment: Part 1

This is a bit of an update from the original post 1-Bedroom Apartment Nursery. Finally. FINALLY!! We have gotten our shit together enough to show you what is up with our baby nook. Our plan is to have future Fae in our room for 4-6 months, for the duration of the bulk of her night … Continue reading “2 Kids, 2 Adults, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Apartment: Part 1”

Seattle Apartment: The Reveal

All aboard the Better In Real Life HGTV train. What? you say! More apartments? MORE APARTMENTS! This is what happens when you move too much. Apartments and re-configuring of furniture and art for days and days and days and days. Are you ready? First I have to tell you – this is the nicest apartment … Continue reading “Seattle Apartment: The Reveal”

Apartment Living, Folks

This blog is later than usual because we have had QUITE the weekend full of diseases and infections. Weeeeee! It is nothing but fun over in Duprez Land. The magical land of coughing so much you puke and crusties leaking out of face holes and pink eye. PINK EYE. Anyway – before infection rained down … Continue reading “Apartment Living, Folks”

Two Bedroom Apartment: The Reveal

Finally finally finally we completed (ok, like 90%) our apartment and I can finally show you the finished product. I never had the opportunity to live alone – having my very own apartment was always way out of my price range, so I lived with room mates and best friends and Kamel. One time in … Continue reading “Two Bedroom Apartment: The Reveal”

The Apartment Hunt: Finale

Finally. We have signed a lease. It is done. We haven’t moved – yet – that comes mid August, but I can have my weekends and evenings back, my stress level is settling to it’s normal “high strung” levels, and I am no longer crunching every number under the sun. We found a place just … Continue reading “The Apartment Hunt: Finale”

The Apartment Hunt Continued…

So after I wrote the last post about our stupid search for a 2 bedroom apartment, I thought the next installment would be all “and now the big new apartment REVEAL!” except it didn’t happen that way. So last-last weekend (not this last weekend…) we saw two apartments that we actually really really really liked. … Continue reading “The Apartment Hunt Continued…”

Baby Files: The 1-Bedroom Apartment Nursery

Edit: Now that we are about to (coming July 2015) have our second child, I’ve written an updated posting about having 2 kids and 2 adults in a 2 bedroom apartment. Part 1 of a 2 part series is up now! I am so excited for this post!! So much thought and energy (oh god … Continue reading “Baby Files: The 1-Bedroom Apartment Nursery”

Apartment Therapy *Update

I have good news and then bad news and then some good news again. So,  Hooray? Starting and ending on a good note sounds about right. 🙂 Good news: Last Wednesday I had a shower that was actually too hot! I even had to turn the nozzle a tick colder! And so did Kamel! Dare I jinx our newly founded good … Continue reading “Apartment Therapy *Update”

Apartment Therapy Needed

But not the design kind. The kind where my apartment and I go to a psychiatrist and we work on our communication skills, because apparently I’m not making myself clear. And my apartment, of course, has no ears … or empathy for that matter. So first Kamel and I got engaged and decided to move … Continue reading “Apartment Therapy Needed”

(Long!) Weekend-ing 40

Thanksgiving happened!! And we roadtripped with the kids up to Vancouver BC to spend the long weekend with my best friend, Maris and her family. The end result was kid-palooza! And both Kamel and I talking about how much we LOVE to travel with our kids and wished we did it more often. More family … Continue reading “(Long!) Weekend-ing 40”