Episode 42: The TV in the Bedroom

1. ) The people have spoken and no TVs in the bedroom.

2.) This is a week late because I forgot to record 1 thing and then we kept meaning to do it and then I kept falling asleep at 8pm and now here we are a week late.

3.) Kamel gets to say the intro on this one. Were you shocked? Did you have to check your podcast app to make sure you were listening to the right one?

4.) Thank you all the people who called in, I appreciate every single one of you and I love hearing your stories and I promise next time we get listener stories I will give you all more than 4 days to get them in. My bad.

Compromise is hard. Holding firm to the shit you just won’t budge on is also hard. Relationships are HARD.


2 thoughts on “Episode 42: The TV in the Bedroom”

  1. So, we just caught up on the last four episodes, since we usually listen to them in the car and we were not driving together anywhere for a bit. And then I kind of forgot to check for new episodes. But I did have a couple of thoughts. First, about Kamel saying he was excited to vote eventually, I was inspired by Obama’s election the first time to get my US citizenship. The feeling of if this country could do that, it was worth becoming a citizen, or something like that. And while it doesn’t feel like that now, at least I can use the vote I now have to try to change things.

    As for the tv in the bedroom, my parent’s had one once we were teenagers. It can be nice if kids have friends over and then they can do their thing and the parents can watch their own movie or whatever. Right now our kids are too little for that, and our house is big enough for them to have a separate entertainment area when they are old enough so we will never have a tv in our bedroom. But, for a smaller house it can be nice.

    I feel like there was something else, but I don’t remember and this comment is long enough anyway. But we enjoy listening to the podcast and are glad you started doing it again.

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