Episode 41: Compromise

This week we are talking about what we absolutely would NOT compromise going into a relationship. What are your no-goes. What are your lines in the sand? What things define you that you wouldn’t give in on? And which of those items did you eventually not care about? Where DID you compromise?

In this episode we talk about it, and we end it wanting to hear from you!!

Please have a think, have a listen, and then call and leave me a voicemail, or 5. As many voicemails as you want. Tell me your relationship compromises or lack thereof.

Number: 415 275 0551

**We need all stories by Thursday night. We will listen and record on Friday morning. So get me those stories! Don’t let Kamel and I be the only people who talk about stuff.

Ps. Fae turns 3 this week, so this is the show photo you’re getting. <3

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