Episode 39: How Marriage Has Changed You

If we are not continuing to grow as individuals, then what are we even doing? Maybe that is too harsh of a view, but I often find that I have really high expectations for myself and others. I don’t feel bad about it. We should be striving to become the best versions of ourselves.

In all of those big, transformation life moments we should also seek out change. That’s what transformation is. But changing through a marriage can seem slower and harder to spot than the transformation experience of becoming a parent. One day you’re not a parent and then the next day you are. Poof.

This podcast topic was brought about when I noticed some change in Kamel that was slow slow ever so slow to reveal itself over 7 years of marriage and 9 years together.

It is also brought to you by this quote I read by Donald Glover:

“That’s what love I think really is at the end of the day,” he says. “It’s not even like a selflessness, it’s like an understanding that I’m making a safe place for you. It’s not safe out there. Somebody’s out to get you – that’s just nature. That’s just the nature of being, and I feel like yeah you can totally love somebody and still look out for yourself. But I think the question really is, do you see that thing or that someone else as part of you? If you see us, we’re a people together, we’re a tribe together – we depend on each other. Then you always are gonna want the best for them I think.”

How has marriage changed you?

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