Episode 35: Did Trump Ruin Marriage? Part II

First of all, Trump did not ruin marriage. If anything he made it stronger. Are you married to an ass hole Trump supporter? FLEE. FEEL IMMEDIATELY.

Trump winning was a major wakeup call for me, but maybe it was a different (and probably bigger) wake up call for many who have ended relationships over these major issues. And that’s awesome. Don’t spend your life with someone who makes you feel small.

I do not think this is something that should be reconciled. It’s different than simply having differeing political leanings, or disagreeing on how states and the federal government should interact. Or even disagreeing on social issues! It’s different. Supporting Trump = supporting hate speech, and racism, and a genuinely terrible person who is only in it for themselves.

One more thing! At the beginning of this episode i do some house keeping stuff. And it’s true that episodes will be coming out on Fridays. Except… right now. It was SUPPOSED to come out the day after thanksgiving but then… life. I wish this ran like a well oiled machine, but it’s squeaky at times. Let’s be honest. More episodes coming soon!

1 thought on “Episode 35: Did Trump Ruin Marriage? Part II”

  1. Looking forward to listening, but let me just say, if your (esp. male) partner has an open mind, this year had the potential to wake them the eff up. My man is way more “woke” than he was a year ago, and thank goodness for that. I appreciate the conversations this prompted for us, and I feel much more supported by him now than I did before – and I would have said he was super supportive before! But now he hates patriarchy too, and knows he has things to learn, and that just gives me the warm fuzzies, tbh. 🙂 So yea, it didn’t ruin marriage. At least not mine.

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