Episode 34: Did Trump Ruin Marriage? Part I


This is a post I have been chewing on for like… a year. Almost a year. The photo attached to this post popped up in my recent memories on facebook. Heartbreak and a half. ALMOST A YEAR SINCE WE ELECTED THAT MOTHER FUCKER YOU GUYS.

Right after the election I was so angry and so upset. You know this. You read about it. But it was not just spilling out all over this blog, it was always spilling out all over my marriage. There was a lot of crying from me before bed. A lot of seeeeeeething at my husband’s complacency. A lot of firey firey aries rage threatening to swallow me whole.

I wanted to do a podcast about this right away but I couldn’t wrap my head around the conversation. Today it feels more grasp-able. We are all different people than a year ago. Today it’s easier in some ways to look back. This is a two-parter because I have too much to say and Kamel had a plane to catch.

4 thoughts on “Episode 34: Did Trump Ruin Marriage? Part I”

  1. Thank you for this. There are a times recently when it drives me bananas that my husband isn’t as fired up/outraged about whatever thing is happening, and I think there have been times where he might feel the same? I actually ended up messaging one of my lady friends the other day, because I needed to vent to someone who would be outraged with me. ;-( was not cutting it. Immediately after the election, he was considering an intervention, I’m pretty sure. (Oh, but look! The shit I predicted in that first week is what’s happening now!)

    Fwiw, my sister in law did have a plan to divorce her husband in the lead up to the election, in part over the election; his whole family is rural and racist and pro-Trump, while she is pretty liberal. She didn’t end up following through, but when they do talk politics, he will literally say things like, “well that’s just that liberal fake news” when she cites a local newspaper re: local news. (Specifically, he was convinced months ago that Trump was responsible for his longer work hours/construction projects, and I sent her links pointing to our recent, successful local bond vote, approving a bunch of construction projects. And I pointed out that the federal government hadn’t passed a new budget since Obama, but whatever, I guess???)

    Anyway, I’m really interested in this topic & excited for your next episode!

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