New Approach

I battle with myself about whether or not I want to keep writing. There have been times in my life that I have posted and posted and posted and it just was like a river. And other times where it felt like I was reporting the news. This happened. That happened. Now you know.

But I’m struggling. I don’t want this space to die. But I also don’t want to report the news. I want to fire up the podcast again. I want to have this space be beautiful and thoughtful and real.

So for a little while I’m going to start posting once a week. As a writing routine. And to feel less anxious about STARTING. Just starting.

I feel like there is so much to catch you up on that I freeze. Where to even begin? I just need to start. So know this…

The house is still too big for me. But the downstairs is yellow now and that makes me really happy.

Kamel got a new job which gave us less money, but we restructured our finances and are budgeting really well so it FEELS like we have more financial freedoms. Amazing.

I got a raise and a title change at work. I feel so happy! It’s amazing what can happen when you ask.

Summer is almost over and I’m here for it. I love summer, but this one felt LONG. I’m ready for coats and big sweatshirts. Remind me of this in March when I’m over it.

We had lice. We all survived. It is way worse to imagine what it will be than to actually have it be. As is life.

Back posting more on the weekly. <3 I’ve missed you.

4 thoughts on “New Approach”

  1. I can’t remember which book I read it in, but I remember the author talking about writing ebbs and flows, and how they’re okay, it happens, and to just accept the ebb as part of the process.

    This summer has felt long, hasn’t it?

  2. I stalk your blog weekly. Happy to see a new post and would LOVE a podcast return! I have always enjoyed virtually knowing you since our lives have been somewhat parallel from shopping the same Trader Joe’s in San Mateo to relocations to the PNW because who the eff has $1.5 million for a starter house bay area?!?

  3. I hope weekly works for you! I’ve dropped to weekly for now while we’re dealing with the moving life and I wonder if I would have to stay weekly at best if I wanted #2. So many thoughts on that, barely formed. But I think of you often.

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