Small Joys and Happies

Sitting in the sun on the deck for 15 minutes in the quiet.

The sound of wind through the trees and my neighbors wind chime gently tinkling.

A small handful of frozen chocolate chips.

Having shaved legs.

Pedicures on my lunch break.

How a kitkat can be evenly split between my family.

Fae’s face covered in chocolate from her 1 stick of kitkat.

A really excellent workout.

New jorts! New jorts!

Lady’s night on the horizon.

Watching Gabriel eat blueberries.

Gabriel telling me he has to go back on his bike after his first fall and scraped up knee because, “Mom! I can’t let the bike win!”

Hearing Fae singing in the stroller on an evening walk after dinner.

What are your happies?

10 thoughts on “Small Joys and Happies”

  1. I have been undergoing a medical treatment, and was asked to avoid certain foods and drinks. I never realized how happy having an agua de horchata makes me feel. Just little pleasures.

  2. Pruning the flowers in my yard and watching all the different kinds of bees buzz about.

    Lounging in the hammock and looking up at the fir trees.

    Blueberries! Raspberries! Cherries! (Specifically Rainier. All other cherries are inferior.)

    Byron laughing so hard at a TV show that he scares the animals.

    Music that makes me dance in my desk chair.

    My new creamsicle-painted nails.

  3. Popping open a fresh can of LaCroix right out of the fridge.

    The way baby sister looks up at big sister when they dance together.

    A group text with my lady friends when one is having a bad day and the others immediately pile on virtual hugs and heart emojis and validation.

  4. Turns out this is exactly what I needed.

    My almost-1 year old making fishy-kisses at me.

    My almost-7 year old insisting we invite Hillary Clinton to her baby sister’s birthday party.

    My 5 year old working tirelessly on learning the alphabet backwards, just because he wants to.

    Quiet time folding laundry, without interruptions.

    A cooked breakfast, midweek.

  5. These always come at the right time. </3

    Simple meals requiring minimal cooking (on 90+ degree days).

    …including all the summer fruit! Esp. mangoes with chili-lime powder!

    Helping my dad with his college homework. Circle of life.

    The S'well bottle I got as a gift. I never would've splurged on it for myself, but it is now my constant companion!

    My husband's head in my lap while we watch TV (because this is as cuddly as it gets on 90+ degree days). 🙂

  6. Frozen grapes

    Excellent podcasts (Death Sex & Money; Pod Save America)

    Audio books from the library or Audible (just finished Modern Romance from Aziz Ansari and currently listening to The Spoonbenders)

    Having my mind occupied while playing mindless repetitive “games” with my 16 month old (and thus appreciating the interaction all the more and staying more present instead of getting bored/distracted)

    My partner doing daycare pick ups and taking the baby + dog for a walk so I come home to an empty house

    Coming home to a full house

  7. Driving past my house and admiring the flowers in my garden.

    Picking cherry tomatoes with my kids.

    Yes to good podcasts!

    Making homemade popsicles with juice and frozen fruit

    Husking corn with my kids.

    Baking bread

    My new show obsession: The Great British Baking Show

    Easy summer salads that involve summer vegetables + herbs + feta/goat cheese + olive oil/balsamic vinegar and you’re done!

    Hearing the happy sounds in the summer camp hosted across from my office.

    A stitchfix box or CSA bag waiting on my porch.

    Conversations with my two-year-old during daycare drop-off and pick-up.

    Rubbing my hands along the freshly-buzzed sides of my head after a haircut

    Remembering to bring my grocery bag to the store

    1. Yes, just got a StitchFix box and I LOVE everything in it! Which is a problem for my bank account but a MAJOR WIN for my closet/self-presentation. Love your list!

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