I Died My Hair Purple

After Fae was born I felt like sunshine (tired tired sunshine). I felt like some blonde sunkissed hair suited me. I wanted to shake things up and feel fresh and I did!

And then the elections happened and I didn’t feel so sunshiney. I didn’t feel like I wanted to look like I had just returned from a long trip to the beach. I hadn’t. So, why bother? Did I feel fresh and fun anymore? No. I did not. I do not. I felt and still feel dark and stormy.

I also have spent a lot of my life looking at other people’s fun hair, fun fashion, risk taking images and felt envious. Envious at their confidence and how they took risks. Envious at how COOL they looked! Thinking I could never do something like that. I was too nervous when I was younger and now I’m too old.

I am not too old. But I am more confident.

The purple smelled like grapes. But I didn’t want to ask about it in case it was all in my head. It was supposed to be more of a bayalage situation. Where it stuck in the blonde but it only created a shine in the light on the rest of my hair. It came out more purple EVERYWHERE than expected. With definite highlights of magenta. But I liked it! The unexpected is always an adventure!

But here is why I will most likely never color my hair a fashion color again…

No one told me about the upkeep! The color bleeding! The mess! The amount of thought I have to now put into my hair situation.

For the first month my bath tub walls, shower curtain, and bath tub were died purple from the run off AND the use of the purple shampoo I have to keep my hair purple and not a sad washed out pink that it will eventually turn. It took a lot of clorox scrubbing it get it out, and now the run off is not so bad. But there are still purple splatters everywhere.

Easily for a month I slept with a towel on my pillow because my hair would bleed onto my pillow cases at night. Now I just use dark pillowcases.

I can’t use my nice cream colored fluffy towels, and instead use one of the kid towels that are actually purple so that I don’t get purple die all over my nice stuff.

I wash my hair very very infrequently in order to prolong the life of my color. Which is extra annoying when the only shampoo I’m using is the purple shampoo (which is almost like a gak consistency?) leaves a sticky/greasy residue on my scalp. So either, that’s just the color depositing life, or the shampoo isn’t really cleaning anything (Even though I am scrubbing, because I wash my hair literally one time a week and workout 4 times a week and sweat in my sleep ALL TIMES a week). Even rinsing my head causes color bleed, so I try to limit that as well to only once a week.

My nails are almost always purple. If I scratch my head, purple comes off under my nails. My mouse at my desk is stained purple. my keyboard keys have a purple tinge.

So, the upkeep sucks. But I love the look. I don’t want to just say “fuck it” and use normal shampoo and go back to my usual hair routine because then I will not get the most out of my purple hair experience. And if I’m only going to do this once, might as well do it right. Dark and stormy till the end.

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  1. Love!!!!!! I’m always fascinated by the power in projecting how we feel with our fashion (in this case dark and stormy) and how making a change to your look can be so cathartic. I usually get the urge to get a drastic haircut whenever I’m feeling like things are out of control or I’m in a rut. And it somehow helps me feel renewed.

  2. I’m curious about the brand of color-depositing shampoo you use. I’ve got some purple highlights I’m trying to extend the life of (even though it doesn’t sound like what you use is an ideal solution for me, given the post-shampoo residue you describe!).

        1. I should add your hair looks great!
          That daily color bleed sounds miserable, though, and would have me running back to my natural color.
          I don’t have that issue. My big problem is that even with only washing every other-ish day with cold water and color-safe shampoo/conditioner for a month after, some of my (originally deep blue-y) purple went full-on silvery gray (which is pretty, but not the look I’m going for!)
          I just tried a Punky Colors semi-permanent dye with moderate success getting it back to purple (and no bleeding), but that might be more time than you want to invest in keeping up your color when you’re trying to run around after two kiddos.

  3. As a fellow purple-haired gal, fuck that shampoo, whatever it is. I use regular color-treated-hair shampoo and use a weekly purple deep-conditioner (OVERTONE!!! GET IT, LOVE IT) and that’s about it. 30 minutes once a week, or every other week if I’m feeling lazy. Yeah there’s still some bleeding, but not as much, but it’s easier to keep up the color and I can wash my hair every three days without my head itching from disgusting grossness.

      1. Ok hypothetical week. Let’s say its been a couple weeks since the initial dye job, since it takes a bit for my hair to stop bleeding dye all over the shower, and I don’t need to add color if it’s still going everywhere. Day 1, shower with shampoo and conditioners that are meant for color-treated hair, but not necessarily purple-colored hair. I use Redken shampoo that comes in the big red bottle, and I alternate between this expensive conditioner I got talked into at the salon and Overtone’s purple daily conditioner (They have two kinds, daily and weekly. Personally, I cant really tell that the daily stuff does much to add back color, but it smells nice and conditions well enough. The weekly Go Deep stuff is better, but I’ll talk about that in a sec.) If you have a color-treated conditioner you like, it’ll work just fine.
        Day 2, dry shampoo and style as needed.
        Day 3, ponytail day. By this time my scalp is greasy and I hate ponytail days but it’s the only way I can wear my hair without feeling like I look disgusting.
        Then I repeat the day 1-3 cycle until the weekend – whatever day I’m going to wash my hair again that falls on a weekend (so I have extra time to futz with my hair), but you could shift this if something else works better for you. I get the Overtone Go Deep (I use Vibrant Purple, but yours looks like it might be closer to the Extreme Purple, which I’ve also used before). You use it like a deep conditioner but also like a dye, in that if it looks like anything is fading, you make sure those sections are super saturated. Start with dry hair, work it in through all your layers, especially on the ends and faded places (it’ll start to look lighter colored as it gets worked in). It smells nice! Like mint. Sit for 15-30 mins (I usually opt for 30), then rinse out, and shampoo as usual and you’re done! Plus you can use hot water with Overtone too!

        Hope that helps, happy to answer any other questions! The first time I dyed mine it faded all the way to blonde before I learned about the purple conditioner, but it hasn’t made it back that light since!

  4. I’m so surprised you’re having that many issues with bleeding and even getting purple fingers bows. I had bleeding for maybe 1 or 2 days after I got mine done and then nothing. Granted, I didn’t use any special shampoo to keep the color, so maybe that’s part of it. It faded but still lasted a good while. I would be equally frustrated. So you know, that’s why I didn’t tell you when I encouraged it! If I’d had that experience I would have given you all the details!! Also, I love your hair and through I’m not jealous of all the crap you go through to keep it up, I am still jealous of the look!

  5. I was wondering why you said you loved the purple but you would never do it again! I understand now. But it looks da bomb!

  6. Huh. Over the years I have dyed my hair every color under the rainbow, including purple, and never had the continuous bleeding issues you are having. The first week, sure, but never longer than that, and even then only when my hair was wet. I always used color safe shampoo/conditioner that helped prevent fading, but nothing that added color back in. That could be the issue? What a hassle!

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