Fae Turns 2 – The Video!

My happy, independent, little climber. I always forget how they are still such a BABY at 1 years old until I see the before and afters. We had this song picked out for months and months and months. What a fun year it has been!

4 thoughts on “Fae Turns 2 – The Video!”

  1. Love the song!! These videos always make me teary-eyed! Just watching a little person grow a year in 3 minutes. It’s crazy and beautiful. And I just love how fierce she is! Just like you!

  2. Love it! Perfect song and such sweet shots of a fierce girl! (Usually, I’m terrible about telling what a kid is able to do, developmentally, at any particular age. But with a current 15 month old, I’m like, WHOA girl is FEARLESS!)

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