The Dishwasher Part 1

Remember when I talked about the bats in the attic? How we all have fears knocking on our doors that we turn the volume up on? We ignore them or leave them for another day. Home ownership has removed a few of those fears (will we be able to afford the next rent hike?), but has added new ones.

Like: Will our roof suddenly leak?

Like: Will we be able to afford the sudden expense of something failing?

Like: Infestations.

Like: What if I don’t know that something is wrong because I don’t know anything about anything and then it’s too late and we have a problem that is 3x what it should be because Lauren is stupid.

And then last week our dishwasher leaked. And we discovered this problem when Kamel went into the crawl space and there was water there. And water was leaking from above. Through the insulation. We discovered this at 8pm. The plumbers came the next day. And the day after that the restoration people.

(Thanks, dishwasher, you piece of shit.)

The day the restoration people came was Gabe’s birthday and we were supposed to have a family party at our house.

Except that, um, this was our kitchen:

I did not bake him a cake for the first time… ever. We moved the party to my parent’s party room in their condo, and when we got home from Gabe’s birthday shenans the restorers were still working. They had a 12 hour day ripping up 7 layers of floors. Surprise! No one ever removed old flooring before putting new ones down! which means new floor will be about an inch lower than it was before.

The fans in the kitchen were blowing 24 hours a day for two days and then fans in our crawl space were blowing 24 hours a day for 4 days. We have no cupboards on that side of the kitchen and our counter top is being held up by those pieces of wood you see.

We do most of our dishes in the bathroom sinks.

The insurance guy comes tomorrow but this is still going to cost us SURPRISE money. And take months to fix.

Just a few days before we discovered the leak I had booked, with the help of a lovely internet friend (Hi Bri!), a family vacation to San Diego for May. Our first family vacation with just our family since Gabe was 18 months old. But, because we try to be responsible adults whenever possible, we had to turn around and cancel it because…. see above.

The kitchen is tented off with plastic zipper doors on the two portal entrances. And we are trying to keep our cooking/eating footprint as small as possible. It has been a mild inconvenience at best, and at worst it is an absolute scramble. We can use the kitchen, but I have to keep the kids out of there (zipper door wins!) and that makes cooking dinner and solo parenting difficult when I can’t see them and they can’t see me. Even when the doors are unzipped.

So the first homeownership bad thing happened. A sudden kitchen remodel. Surprise! I wonder what will happen next…To Be Continued.

7 thoughts on “The Dishwasher Part 1”

  1. That is so disappointing! Sometimes owning a home sucks. We just found out the hard way you are supposed to do maintenance on your garage door every year (?). I’m sorry you have to deal with all this crap.

  2. That stinks! I once had to cancel going to a friend’s wedding in New York (from California) because I needed to get my car fixed instead. I worry about things happening in the house and not knowing about them until too late too. Especially with my husband gone so much. And with the rain and wind recently, I worry about trees falling on the house. Hopefully your dishwasher problem will be the last of any major issues for a good long while.

  3. Jumping in to say new homeowners. Gas Leak. They turn the gas off. Even though its a tiny leak they could barely register. And it was 5:00 at night which means no one to fix it until “hopefully” the next day. So cold, no hot water, no stove. Which means my SAD ass is not going to Mexico but buying one of those vitamin D mood lamps…

  4. Ohhhh noooo. It’s always water. And water is the worst. Ours was our AC coil, which cracked, and then froze and thawed and froze and thawed over and over and sent all that lovely water into our subfloor. It ruined about 75% of the floors in our house and they had to rip everything out, use the giant fans, then put new in. Twice. Because something was wrong with the first batch. We had to board our cats and live in a hotel for seven weeks. And you’re totally right- the surprise homeowner money spending is terrible.

    I know you posted this a little bit ago but I hope everything has been wrapped up by now and everything is sparkly and perfect!

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