On Sunday I fell down the stairs while holding Fae for the second time. Two times I have slipped and fallen without any warning only to see my baby slide down my body and go tumbling down the stairs herself. It is absolutely horrific. It’s one of those things you think about happening in an “oh my god wouldn’t that be AWFUL?” way. And then it does. And here we are.

This is also probably the 5th time I’ve fallen down these stairs. And not because I’m being ridiculous. Not because I’m on my phone or running or doing anything other than WALKING down the STAIRS. It’s also not a feeling of, “oh no. I am going to fall. Oh look I am now falling. Oh shit.” No, it doesn’t happen that way. It’s like this: I am walking down the stairs thinking of where I’m going and the 5 billion things I have to do when I get there. SDHGKAJFSKLAJSKDGJ I’M FALLING OW SKDGJSKLJDTGSKL.

So when you think, “Oh, I’ll make sure to hold the baby if I were ever to fall.” No. That is not true. If I had the ability to think, “I am falling must hold baby,” I would do it! But I don’t. Because all that happens is I slip without feeling myself slip and then my body flails. I watch my daughter slide down my body or fall to the stairs and tumble down like a rag doll while I am also tumbling down and desperately trying to get my body to do what I want it to do which is save my daughter, but we’re both falling and I am screaming and it is HORRIBLE.

Thankfully aside from bruising myself, no one has ever had any injuries. But I am not want to risk the completely traumatic event happening again and again and again. (Granted I feel like it’s already happened like 5 times too many.) So, what do I do? They are carpeted stairs and I fall whether I am in socks or bare feet. Has anyone had this issue? At this point we will do anything, but I would prefer it not be super ugly or crap quality/annoyingly temporary. Help!

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  1. My husband fell down with my son once when he was about 18 months old. The baby had some bruising on the side of his head. I could have killed his father. I haven’t done it somehow. There but for the grace of God…

    As far as not dropping Fae, maybe you could teach her to go down each step on her booty until she’s ready to walk down. We make our three-year-old hold on to rail or an adult’s hand as he walks down. Thankfully, he hasn’t fallen. I prefer the rail these days as I’m always carrying a baby down and super paranoid about falling unless I’m holding on to the rail or the wall and looking at each stair as I go.

  2. That is terrifying! I fell on my carpeted stairs recently because my socks were a bit loose on my feet. I usually wear slippers though, and am convinced that slippers are much better for me. I’ve had these UGG slippers for probably 8-10 years, worn year-round, and the sole doesn’t look like they’ve seen a day of use because I only wear them inside. The furry stuff is compacted but they fit my feet so perfectly so I haven’t needed to replace them. Perhaps some good slippers to wear around the house?


    1. Oh, I wouldn’t get this exact slipper though- the laces don’t tie anymore so they will probably cause me to trip one day. But I would get a solid shoe-like slipper.

      1. I ended up cutting off the laces near the knot, because they were driving me crazy. But agreed, this sucker is great, and has a good grip on the sole.

  3. It might be more the size of the step…is it bigger than your foot or just about the size of your foot? If its the latter you may just be overstepping the step….and I don’t know how to fix that :-/

  4. Are your stairs level? Our current stairs tilt EVER SO SLIGHTLY downwards, and it makes them a ragingly annoyingly treacherous experience every time I go down. I’m not sure how to *fix* them outside of professional help, but can you take a level to them and at least figure out if that’s the issue?

  5. At the company I work for it’s mandatory as a safety rule to use 3 point contact when going up or down stairs, I.e. hold the bannister/railing while using the stairs. I used to kind of scoff at it until I fell down some stairs at work. It’s a tough habit to get into for some reason.

  6. I’m so sorry. That’s terrifying!

    There are building codes that say how high each step can be from the other, so if 95% of the steps in your life are a normal rise, but your stairs at home are not the rise you expect, that can cause falls. This would be a pain to fix, but may be the reason for the repeated falls.

    Also the width of the stairs as Lauren pointed out is something that could be contributing to this.

  7. What about getting some kind of stair runner that you can put over the carpet? I don’t know how more carpet on top of carpet would work, but it might do the trick. A quick Amazon search found some that aren’t super ugly.

    1. We are looking into adding grips to the edges of each stair. We need to go to home depot and talk to them about what will work best for a long term solution. But also: gahhhhh. So industrial!

  8. This happened to me at my old office. Super terrifying and embarrassing at work. The stairs were just weirdly spaced enough that if I wasn’t paying attention my heel would be too close to the edge and when I transferred my weight to my other foot my heel slid forward and off the step and down I went. No easy solution other than always use the rail. And I also have the rubber soled ugg slippers for inside only and love them and think they could be pretty helpful for a little extra grip and they are cute and warm.

    1. I think that’s exactly what’s happening. I think the stairs are a little short. And the edges are slippery because they carpet is fluffy and not sturdy. And then it’s really easy to slip right down them. Grippy slippers is a good idea, but not for the summer when it will easily be 80 degrees inside my house. gahhh.

  9. Half the time, I go down the stairs sitting with my one-year-old daughter on my lap. She thinks it’s a fun ride, but it’s also because I’m periodically nervous about falling. Haven’t done it yet, but– it could be an option for you. Makes going down the stairs more of a production, but it’s easy enough.

    1. This actually seems VERY appealing. The issue with just making her go down on her own is … sometimes she is being a cuddly baby post nap or whatever and doesn’t want to go down by herself. Sometimes mama just has to mama. Sitting down, as I butt scoot along apparently.

  10. I have a policy of always holding on to the railing. Sometimes this is gross, like when I am walking down the stairs at the train. It also means I have to wear the baby when we leave the apartment… not sure how this is going to work when I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old instead of 3 and 1…but for now the number of times I have caught myself is worth it

  11. I am irrationality afraid of falling down stairs. I’ve never fallen but everything I walk down stairs I get a little frisson of fear that today is going to be the day that I miss that step. And that goes double if I’m holding the baby as I go down stairs. So it terrifies me that you have actually fallen down the stairs, and more than once! I’m so sorry, and I hope. You find a solution soon (stair lift?)

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