Friday Happies

I actually tried to write this post earlier in the week and I felt like everything I was saying was a lie. So, let’s try again. Also – I went back and tried to find the last time I had done this and it has been a very, very long time. This needs to be weekly. We all need to be remembering and focusing on the small joys every week.


Hot tea and my yellow tea kettle from my Sisters In Law. Literally before they bought me my kettle, I was boiling water in a little (non-stick for all your cancer needs) pot, and then dumping it into a mug. This seemed like a totally reasonable activity… until I got a teapot.

Mint soap is back in my bathroom and I love it beyond beyond.

I bought some new clothing staples for the kids as we get through the long days of winter and the oncoming spring. They arrived this week! And it really is one of my favorite things to open up boxes of kid clothes.

Fae calls for her brother, but she doesn’t say Gabriel. She calls, “Hermanooooo! Mannooo!!!”

We had a parent/teacher conference for Gabriel this week and it went really well! He can count continuously up to 29 and if you remind him that 30 is after 29, he will keep going! In English and Spanish! Who knew!

We are doing lots of fun social things in February! This includes: A grownup trip to Miami to meet our niece, Lola! Our Oscar party! My goddaughter’s first birthday! Going to a food and wine event (which always makes me feel like a judge on top chef)!

This weekend I am having a girl’s night to see DIRTY DANCING in THEATERS. WHAT. This is ridiculous and fantastic.

The YMCA near us has remodeled and they have a brand new pool and lots of open swim hours. I bought Fae a bathing suit and this weekend it’s a whole-family-in-the-pool event. Gabe has been talking about it for 2 weeks.

My hair is almost all caught up with itself after the great exodus post Fae’s birth. Getting ready to grow my hair long long long AND dye it dark again. I’m not feeling very sunny and blonde lately, you feel me?


What do you have that is giving you hope/the warm and fuzzies/small moments of secret smiles? Please share. We all need it.

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  1. Today was share day at my daughter’s school. It was a “Bring your favorite toy” day and we forgot to take one.
    I thought my super sensitive 3 year old will break down. But, she said “Oh oh. It’s OK mama, I will share my egg”…The “egg” is a plastic Easter egg from last year. She has been carrying it in her bag for some reason.

    We walked into her class just as Share time started. She told her teacher that she forgot to bring a toy. Her teacher asked her to pick one from the class and my daughter picked out a small dinosaur, put it in her egg & proudly shared that…they were kind enough to send me a picture.

    I am so proud of her & have been smiling about it all morning 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reminder to focus on the joy that still exists even in a shit show of a week like this one. My highlight was attending my four-year-old’s first preschool “concert,” in which she was a total ham/superstar/cheeseball. Watching her sing the songs she’s been practicing and periodically waving like a maniac at me in the audience made my mama heart swell out of my chest.

    I love picturing Fae shouting “Hermanoooo!” So adorable!

  3. My husband and I got to have a night in Seattle without kids! I still woke up every few hours and couldn’t walk around as much as I would have liked, because being almost six months pregnant is hard. But it was nice to. Or have to wonder who was going to wake up next in the middle of the night. Also, after two boys, we’re having a girl and I’m super excited! Tea makes me happy too and I recently got my first tea and book subscription box that I was gifted for Christmas.

  4. my life feels rather frivolous right now, but I’m hard core nesting and there’s a lot of materialistic things going on

    *having a baby sprinkle in 2 weeks
    *cute, cute dress for the event
    *cute manicure for the event
    *getting hair cut that morning so the stylist will do all the work to make it look decent
    *having a baby in about 6 weeks
    *getting a new sneak peek just now of some adorable pictures of my 3yo from our maternity shoot on wednesday
    *a friend left an abusive relationship and has been awol for a bit, but I get to see her and her 3yo on friday
    *all the birth things are coming together all of a sudden (doula, birth plan, I feel like there was more but I can’t remember)
    *3yo is being delightful lately, just really stinking adorably brilliant and delightful
    *3yo also being quite clingy and needing many, many mama hugs (he must know this baby sister is coming SOON)
    *looking forward to preschool drop off tomorrow and spending a few hours at a coffee shop working on my computer programming after falling pretty far behind
    *date night at one of our favorite restaurants on saturday (chateaubriand for two!)
    *my husband built us a bed! how freaking awesome is that? we bought the headboard and he built the solid wood frame and attached it and it’s huge and gorgeous and so sturdy.
    *my new dresser gets delivered tomorrow, which means that my old dresser that got painted mauve can be moved to the baby room
    *whenever a facebook friend that I wasn’t sure about posts or likes something decidely anti-Trump and I am relieved that this isn’t another person I have to write-off

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