Episode 31: Welcome Home – Now With YouTube

Today we are finally finally FINALLY revealing the house we bought! In all of it’s incomplete, bare-walled glory. The podcast will be audio AND visual. So, that means if you would like to see the house and hear us talk about it, go here: https://youtu.be/E8g3pjS40f0

You can hear audio only in the normal podcast download/link on the blog.

Thank you to everyone who was so supportive during our house-hunting journey. It was a long long long process and I never thought the house we ended up with would have been the end result. Life is weird.


5 thoughts on “Episode 31: Welcome Home – Now With YouTube”

  1. I’m interrupting my viewing experience to note that so far, my favorite part is kamel going “OOH THAT’S A GOOD ONE” when you paused it in the kitchen. hahahaha it’s the little things in life.

  2. I totally hear you on the “this part of the house? this isn’t us” dilemma. Lots of time we just have to deal with things we don’t like for longer than we’d like. I mean, geez, we still don’t have blinds in most of the windows 😛

    Also, I looooove dark paint colors. Eventually I’d like to paint a room Benjamin Moore Dark Harbor (this super beautiful dark teal/green). Someday….

  3. So many thoughts. I love that your impulse purchase was a bean bag couch. It looks amazingly comfortable. Also, upstairs laundry is my dream and I will have it in my next house.

    And I totally hear you on the “we didn’t create this.” It is so hard to go slow and wait until the money is there to make changes that you want to make. We painted and then had to drop 5k on electric work. I did splurge for a new light fixture in the kitchen so that the electricians could install it. But there are so many things left undone still. And January marks three years since we closed. We’ve spent a lot of time and money on things that needed to happen (electric, insulation, blah) and not as much on the want to happens (any outdoor landscaping. sorry for the mulch beds, neighbors).

    I think it’s always fun to see how houses transform over time. Enjoy it. I know I’m trying to. 🙂

  4. So stoked to finally see the house! It’s huge compared to what we saw of your old apartment.
    Enjoy the process of making it your own. We have been in our place 6 years, and some of the stuff the previous owners did is STILL hanging around (like the wallpaper in the lounge and hallway, the the bathroom paint job). Its a slow process, waiting for money and time to be available!

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