What To Do In The Face of #NotMyPresident

We have had our day of mourning. We cried at Hillary’s concession speech. We went to work pissed off. But now it’s the 10th and there is work to do. Don’t feel helpless or disenfranchised, push up your sleeves and focus on what can be done.

1.) Donate to Planned Parenthood

2.) Reach out to the people in your lives who are even more disenfranchised than you, let them know you see them and hear them.

3.) Buy a feminist t-shirt. Wear it. Give 0 fucks.

4.) Understand who the women are in the senate, follow them on twitter and facebook, write them letters, be proactive and support them.

5.) Support other women wherever and however you can. Here is a list of good organizations to help you do that. 

6.) Demand more for yourself and for others. Don’t get trapped in the default habit of being the primary caregiver for your kids if that is not what you want. Ask for a raise. Fight to not feel guilty when you need time for yourself and only for yourself. Don’t let anyone encroach on your seat on the bus. Take up all the space you can.

7.) Remember that people can change, but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions. It’s ok to draw your own line in the sand between you and friends and family who voted for ideas that are anti-YOU. Whatever that means for you is ok. It’s ok to say out loud that voting for Trump was both racist and misogynist. Because it was. You are not required to hold everyone’s hand and sing the national anthem after every election. And you don’t need permission to feel angry or say enough is enough. I’m giving it to you, but you don’t need it.


Our responsibility does not start and end with 1 vote every 4 years. Educate yourself. Sign the petitions (the internet makes it so easy!), write letters (the internet also makes this so easy!), be loud. I’ve seen so many people boasting about “not saying anything political on facebook this whole election.” That is not something to be proud of. Be someone’s champion. Have convictions. Especially if you have friends and family who don’t agree with you. It’s ok to challenge people and it’s doable without being mean, we just need to practice.

We’ll have four years of practice.

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  1. Yes. I woke up this morning feeling ready to work.

    I would add — consider donating to the Environmental Defense Fund, Sierra Club, or any other number of highly rated environmental nonprofits. The earth is gonna need it.

  2. I donated to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, Pflag and the Center for American-Islamic Relationships. And today I am applying to volunteer. Me and my pantsuit self are in formation and ready to make change happen. Change will start in communities and in two years in the house and then senate and in four years in the white house. Back to grassroots.

  3. We are ready to face this challenge and do everything we can to see that all people are treated fairly and equally and that all that we have tirelessly fought for is preserved and maintained for our future and the future of all those that follow us in time..we need to feel empowered by the challenges that lie ahead and not waste a moment getting involved in every cause that we can…thank you so much for posting this uplifting and very real challenge for all of us to partake in….

  4. I refuse to not be hopeful. It won’t be easy, I’m sure. But there are lots of good people in this country, and maybe some others who can change their point of view in the next four, or even two years. I made a few donations yesterday and it made me feel better. And I plan on continuing. We already make regular donations to Planned Parenthood (kind of an accident, to be honest, but one we actively decided not to stop) and want to pick a couple more organizations. I am not good at speaking up and I don’t have time or energy to physically volunteer right now, but hopefully I can do what I can.

  5. I love this list – thank you. I’m still trying to find my words. But definitely woke up this morning a little less raw and a lot more determined to take up space and make the world better.

  6. Love this! It is exhausting to be in the world right now, but it’s also exciting to see the awful election outcome result in momentum to do things our communities and to be louder. Always be louder.

    Here are some more things! Sorry that they are mostly Seattle based, as that’s what I know – but they are awesome and will make a tangible impact on what is RIGHT.

    Donate or get involved wth KSARC, King County Sezual Assault Resource Center (a nonprofit). They do amazing work, both in advocacy (policy, law), and therapy (victims, families) on issues surrounding rape, assault, and incest. Incredibly difficult work. They have a Court Watch program where you can attend court cases with victims as support, if you want something to do on a personal and institutional level.

    Center for Ethical Leadership: a Seattle nonprofit that does racial justice work. They have a program series called “Racial Healing Circles : Exploring Race Matters” and do AMAZING stuff. Show up, learn, talk, share, and meet your community. The next one is on Dec 10th, titled “Unconscious Bias”. Face your privilege.

    Donate or Participate in Events at Casa Latina, a Hispanic workers rights organization in Seattle. They have a day center where workers have a sort of “union” process for getting jobs, leadership development program, workers defense fund to address wage theft, education, community center programs, and they also work on immigration reform, I am doing my practicum project with them, and I am so excited!

    Families of Color, Seattle – parent and dad groups, racial justice work, with a focus on children and families – they are awesome support. If you need support and peers as a parent of color or a parent to children of color – this is a free support network.

    Powerful Voices: a self esteem organization for teen girls in South Seattle. They do amazing events where girls give presentations on issues they care about featuring spoken word, poetry, formal presentations, and does programs in high schools. They need all the support doing the on the ground work with our teens!

    Donate or participate in the efforts by One America, the largest immigrant advocacy organization in Washington State.

    Donate to Refugee Women’s Alliance, supporting immigrant and refugee women and their families. They offer a huge array of services in over 45 different languages and have a tangible impact on the lives of our community members from other countries.

  7. YES.

    I’ve been thinking this morning about what is inspiring about Hillary Clinton. And it isn’t her views and beliefs (though of course I am with her on most of those). It is her work ethic. It is her unwavering commitment to doing her homework, to working through difficult and complex issues, to showing up.

    I am trying to think of ways to keep showing up.

    In the meantime, I’ve added a monthly contribution to the ACLU and the Environmental Defense Fund to my regular contribution to Everytown for Gun Safety.

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