Friday Happies

I need this every week for awhile. I’m also restarting weekending for more levity. Not that it means my vigilance in preparing for the onslaught of racism that is about to befall us all has waiver, just that sometimes I need to remember why we fight. So, here are my happies from just this week…

Daily Burn. I love having a new workout every day and it keeps me interested and motivated! PLUS finally having some SPACE for my tiny home gym in her den.

Making daily priorities lists for work and crossing that shit off. When I have a particularly amazingly productive day it feels awesome.

Craft beer. I love it.

Planning for lady cocktail dates! AFTER bedtime!

Slip on shoes.

Waking Fae up every morning.

Kamel going in and waking up Gabriel in the morning to have him come and snuggle in our bed.

Fizzy water. It’s a problem. I can’t quit you.

Trying to plan some future trips. Some for family, some for me, and please please please let me figure out how to get a true family vacation in there.

Pantsuit Nation. <3

**Tell me your happies. Let’s lift each other up.**

12 thoughts on “Friday Happies”

  1. happies…

    the automatic coffee maker

    donations to organizations like planned parenthood, and the hrc in lieu of christmas presents

    wearing a backpack instead of a purse


  2. Thank you. Thank you for the ongoing fight and for finding the positivity in what we have.

    My Friday happies:

    I got to work in my studio cutting fabric shadows for half an hour this morning before going to work.

    My fall-dead mums have started blooming again (#globalwarming but they’re pretty anyway).

    Have plans to hang out with friends this weekend.

    My dogs got super snuggly this morning.

    My hopelessly conservative state of Oklahoma made some nicely progressive decisions on state ballot measures. (#smallsteps)

  3. Pantsuit Nation.
    Sharing Pantsuit nation with a scared 17 year old LGBTQ Latina “Its just normal people who want to help. All races and everything. Wow. I love this page…I’m safe. We all are :)”
    Yeah girl we are all safe, welcome to the world of 3.3 million pissed off powerful feminists. We are going to be okay.
    Friendsgiving. It couldn’t be a better weekend for it.
    My friends’ babies. I get all the snuggles and a toddler running up to me for a pick up hug. And then I give them back at bedtime.

    1. I just laugh/cried at this “welcome to the world of 3.3 million pissed off powerful feminists. We are going to be okay.” Thank you. <3

      I am SO thankful for my community. Especially that I now have Deaf friends who are local and they totally get my fear.

      My dogs. They've been super attentive this week.

      I miss my workouts so I will get out this weekend but it won't be easy.

  4. My happies:
    – Getting totally unexpected wedding anniversary gifts in the mail from friends and family.

    – Really owning my seat at the table during some major crises at work. And having a male boss who not only makes space for me, but expresses his gratitude when I challenge his ideas. #leanin

    – Successfully teaching my dog to roll over. 🙂

    -Getting in regular FaceTime dates with my bestie.

    – A dozen birth announcements from family and friends, which I proudly display on my fridge. Because babies.

  5. Yay, I’ve missed adventuring!
    This weeks happies include starting to make plans for a hike to commemorate 10 years since I completed Outward Bound, and agreeing with husband that we can go to Sydney for Vivid Light Festival.
    Getting an extra 20 minutes in bed on this wet Saturday morning while husband got 3yo breakfast.

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