Friday Happies

You may think with all of the normal life happening, the photos of children, the silliness, the podcast about my marriage, that we had our rage and then we moved on. Not so. It’s just that between educating myself and stoking the politically aware fire, between researching charities to donate to and booking airfare to DC to march with a lot of other women, life continues to happen. And it’s good. So it’s another week of small joys even when the wins aren’t so big.

Coconut La Croix. I was out of La Croix for about a week. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Dressing my kids. Why else have them if I can’t dress them up as I wish every day? One day this will end, but NOT THIS DAY.

Kamel and I got physicals this week. Like grownups! And flu shots! Now bring on the holidays and all of the people sharing gifts and food and germs!

Wearing winter hats. So useful when I am lazy with my hair, which is like almost every single day.

Hydrating face masks. I’m a convert. Totally obsessed. Turns out,ย they actually do make a big difference to my paper dry winter skin.

Fae sings along to things. ๐Ÿ™‚

**It’s a shorter than usual list this week. My frustration and sadness keep creeping in about the world even when I try to focus on what’s good. What’s keeping you afloat?

9 thoughts on “Friday Happies”

  1. Same – the rage is still there, but life must go on. The fact that Hillary gave her latest speech with little to no makeup gives me life. And when I showed my husband, his reaction was “she looks relaxed.” All the heart eyes.

    Speaking of heart eyes, the picture of young Joe Biden helps too.

  2. Yeah, so good things… include my second one-on-one meeting with my new boss, which went great! She asked good questions and seemed to get what I was telling her, and has a different perspective than me in a good, can-add-value way. Phew!

    Last night hubs and I hit the hot new ramen place in town, and it was tasty (and once there, he remarked that he really needed to get out of the house – work-at-home challenges!). Then we watched a movie that we both liked which literally never happens. And that included cuddles and blankets and cats and candy cane oreos.

    I wasn’t really excited about the holidays (see election depression, or PTSD – post trump stress disorder) until I saw the candy cane oreos (off brand) at the store, and suddenly I am READY FOR SANTA!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    When I just haven’t been able to handle work and focusing because of all the feels this past week, I have a job that’s flexible enough I can take hours off here and there to go be depressed in my own space.

    Conversations with friends and beloved family in my life have been my buoy this past week. We’re all in it together. That helps.

    Your blog! I missed your posts. It’s nice to have you back at it again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you Jo! and date nights…. there soothe the soul. We are currently scheming to figure out a weekly babysitter plan so kamel and I can go get dinner together once a week. Probably the most extravagant idea of my life.

  3. We’ve had a significant earthquake and then flooding here this week, but watching how Mr3.5 has behaved as if absolutely nothing has happened has been such a relief.
    I also had a massage on Tuesday (that I had booked before the quake), which was SO good, and am off for a haircut today.
    Trying to maintain a normal life.

  4. Lauren are you coming to the march on DC?!?!!? I am too!! we have to get a twitter/social media lady group together!!!

    My happys this week are short, life has been hard this month.
    – Oli is in this really great stage where he is just walking and babbling to himself constantly. I’m so lucky that he loves to just entertain himself and I love watching him. He has such great comedic timing already.

    – I finished the hardest race I’ve ever run last week and hopefully that will make the 5k I’m doing tomorrow seem like cake!

    – Every time my dad keeps Oli he sends me a text recapping the day. He ends EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. with “it was the best day ever”. They are each others favorite people and not growing up around family I had no idea how great it would be.

  5. Flying to Philadelphia was $1000 cheaper then flying to DC for the march. It’s going to be a long flight to a long train ride but so worth it! I was up in the middle of the night pondering what I want on a sign for the march. It may need to be a flipboard to say everything I want to say.

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