Episode 28: In Sickness and In Health

The podcast has returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this episode we talk about what it was like for us to go through a major medical event (not pregnancy and postpartum life) within our marriage. This is something neither of us have had a lot of exposure to. The photo above was titled “the face of troopers” and was taken the day after kamel’s surgery when shit was hard and stressful but we were making it happen!

In the episode I reference an article I read from the caregiver perspective. It’s really interesting and honest and you should definitely read it. It’s called What it’s like to be married to someone with two chronic illnesses.

Enjoy season 2 (yes we’re still at season 2), Episode 28!

2 thoughts on “Episode 28: In Sickness and In Health”

  1. I am married to someone with a chronic illness. A couple years ago, his illness flared up and we have been through multiple hospitalizations, surgeries, bad reactions to medication, and one 911 call and ambulance. This has also coincided with the first couple years of our kids lives. This is incredibly hard, for both of us and definitely harder with kids in the picture. I can’t be a caregiver to just one person anymore. But I think we have benefited from coming from families that have also grappled with chronic illness– my mother has had a serious illness and range of disabilities my entire life and my husband’s father died while he was a child after fighting cancer. So both of us grew up witnessing marriages where the “sickness and health thing” was very real. I think that enabled us to both go into marriage with eyes wide open. Not that it makes the day to day easier, but it gives us a roadmap for what we are capable of as partners.

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