I don’t have Trump supporters on my facebook feed or in my real life. THAT I KNOW OF… secret Trump people, step forward now! (Just kidding, you can privately vote for whichever ass hole you’d like, but just know you’re wrong.) But! Some of my friends have friends who are apparently fans of the big T, the Don, etc. And I was super snarky in someone else’s comment thread about Donald Trump as a viable candidate. Since he is a racist, xenophobic, fear-mongering, nationalist, TERRIBLE PERSON.

The Trump supporter pulled the “I’m in the military and I’ll continue fighting for your ability to have free speech” bullshit on me. It’s totally a self-congratulatory, false way to say that being in the military makes you a better American than anyone else. I think military service members should be supported, they should have proper healthcare, they should have jobs when they are discharged, they should not end up poor and disenfranchised. No one should. But I also do not believe that the current military strategy has anything at all to do with my freedom of speech. Anyway….

My friend did not appreciate me starting fires on her lawn. Fair enough. She removed the post and then today had a big status about why can’t people from opposite sides of the aisle just get along. Why does disagreeing on political policy lead to personal attacks?

And here is where I am an angry, radical, cynical bitch. And I give 0 fucks about it.

If you love Trump then we are not friends.

This is not a fight at Thanksgiving. This is not  how one of us is a tree hugging hippy and the other is a fiscal conservative. This is not even pro-life vs pro-choice. This is about supporting a person whose vision for this country restricts the rights of certain religions, who supports racist policy, who is anti women, anti anyone who isn’t rooting him on. (And he is secretly, not so secretly, anti those people too.)

It’s ok to stand up and say no. I will not allow the bullying. I will not sit by and say, “oh well that’s just his opinion.” I will not hold hands and say it’s all alright and we’re one big melting pot. No! It is not ok to support a hateful, bullying leader. If that’s who you want representing you to the world, if that is who you are cheering for and not embarrassed or horrified by? Then my response is NO. And my response yesterday was bitchier than just a “No.” It definitely put someone who is already on the defensive, totally on the super defensive of facebook jeering. I don’t feel bad about it.

There is no perfect candidate. People are human. We make mistakes, we change our minds, we make bad choices, we learn, we hopefully grow. And I am angry and embarrassed and horrified. I am disappointed and scared. What does it say about this country that we could possibly elect a dismissive, rude, selfish, demagogue as our leader?

There are a lot of people who believe stereotypes are to blame for their own misfortune. There are a lot of people with a lot of angry, finger-pointing thoughts and feelings. There are a lot of people who want to stand behind a person like Trump because he seems to want to fight for them when it looks like no one else is. I am sorry those people feel that their best hope lies with him. I want to prove them wrong.

But we’re still not friends. I’ll continue to protect your right to make stupid choices out of anger or desperation or whatever but continuing to vote for the people who want to expand social freedoms and see our society with a global vision. But hopefully in the near future, everyone who felt so in need of a Trump presidency will find out things turned out ok in the other direction. I hope it is not a situation of regret when he takes office.

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  1. THANK you. I wish I was able to put into words the reason why Trump just angers me. I am a marginalized person regardless, and I do not understand how people can support him. But I’m really bad at articulating it. This basically solidifies a lot of the things I think about when I read the arguments from people who say they support him. <3

  2. Right on.

    I totally respect political differences. My family is one big political difference. I have close friends who consistently vote Republican.

    Trump is not a political difference. He is a racist, sexist narcissist and wanna-be demagogue.

  3. PREACH.

    We actually can have civilized conversations across the aisle. I have super liberal and super conservative friends and they can, and we can, have civil conversations about our differences and beliefs and the whys of it all. Where we can’t do that is on the subject of DT because while my friends are decent people, I can’t really say that about any of DT’s supporters.

    My friend was watching the RNC “ironically” and I was getting heated until I realized that he was trying to figure out why his own father, an immigrant and a beneficiary of very decidedly non-DT policies and beliefs, would think DT was “ok”. And you know what? Fine, try to understand why your own parent is SO INCREDIBLY WRONG but don’t subject me to it. His policies may not immediately directly affect me because in many ways I’m part of the mainstream but that’s all the more reason that you and I should stand up and loudly say this is NOT ok for those who can’t even say that much. And let’s not kid around, he will soon and badly affect us too.

    As women we’re marginalized. As a POC, I’m marginalized. I refuse to actively let this happen, we cannot elect a person who wants to set our country’s ideals on fire. America is very imperfect. We have a lot to answer for and a lot to improve. That does not mean we elect a nationalist, bigoted, greedy, grasping, unethical Hitler wannabe! I don’t see how people can’t see that, until I see footage of how his supporters behave.

  4. I’m sorry but no and I am not a trump supporter. I can’t handle his hate against women but I also know that HRC is not the answer and hating either candidate is not the answer.

    One of these people will be elected president and if we can’t agree to stand behind whoever this country elects then what will become of this country?

    I have a unique position in that I work everyday with small town municipalities and my husband is in coal-mining and HRC will devastate all of that and the rural Midwest. That is why people here will vote for trump, not because they like the candidate but because their livelihood depends on it.

    There is no perfect candidate and we will get dealt whatever card we are and we have to live with it. Hatred for either candidate is not the answer.

    1. I live in a (very) rural western county. It was recently announced that we would be losing a major employer (~150 jobs) when a coal plant shuts die in 2023. Currently it is unclear what jobs, if any, will replace them but what is clear to me (and the owners of the coal plant) is that investing more deeply in coal is foolhardy. Instead, our communities and government (local, state, federal) need to show compassion towards their citizens by helping green industries grow before *all* coal (and similar) jobs are gone (as they should be for the health of us all).

      1. My husband manages engineers all over the us and in the west there are very very few coal mines left but that has to do with the type of coal being mined there not coal itself as an energy source.

        The alternative technology is not efficient enough to be used yet. We had a salesman at our last conference tell us that we are still 10 years from solar being a viable alternative energy source and he was trying to sell it to us.

  5. While I totally get this reaction and this impulse, I’ve tried to not “unfriend.” Instead, I try to continue to contribute, argue, etc. Otherwise, the conversation may never happen. Otherwise, many, (especially on FB), may never really be challenged to think differently about their opinions or made to actually back up their claims and support their viewpoints. It might mean other people delete the thread, but not me.

  6. Yesterday, my yoga instructor told me she was a Trump supporter, because she hates Hillary so much. WTF? Yoga instructor! Stereotypical to what you would expect of a yoga instructor in all respects. She was for Bernie, but now will vote for Trump. Again, WTF? She couldn’t tell me what god awful things Hillary had done, “she’s just so corrupt.” And Trump isn’t? At least Hillary is in her right mind, whether or not you agree with that mind, I believe it to be a sane one. Anyway… this will be such a distraction during downward dog from now on.

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