We have completely changed our morning routine and I really thought it was maybe killing me. Every morning we would leave the house in a TORNADO OF PANIC. That cannot not be in all caps. The TORNADO OF PANIC included the entire neighborhood waking up to the shrill sounds of my voice at 7:15 telling Gabrile to “Get into the car! We do not have time for this!” and “Kamel, are you coming?? What are you doing in there?” It included Lauren the Aggressive Driver trying to race to daycare drop off in time to race to Kamel shuttle drop off and then race back home in time to not be late for my work day. I am generally not a road rage person, but the TORNADO OF PANIC demands a certain amount of swearing and audible sighs and rhetorical questions like, “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!” before 7:45am.

Leaving the house every day feeling like my heart and head were going to simultaneously explode (and NOT with confetti) because of stress is not a sustainable life choice. What the hell had I done? This new scheduled SUCKED for me. My day is now chauffeur, project manager/editor/juggling word smith [insert circus music], and stereotypical frazzled mom of two.

Guess who was rolling into daycare in sweats with bed head? ME. Guess who had previously judged moms who roll into school/daycare in sweats with bed head? ME ME ME. And now I know, you guys. NOW I FUCKING KNOW. The reason they roll in in sweats and bed head? It’s because they are sacrificing any amount of quiet morning moments where they can put on, oh I don’t know – PANTS so that everyone else is dressed appropriately. Those are martyr sweatpants, bitches. Except no, not even. Not even martyrdom. Just like, we all have to be out the door at a certain time and unless we all want to wake up at 4am, guess my pants putting on time is forfeit on the rough days. So far they have all been rough days.

Except today was ok. I put on jeans and a pseudo-fashionable sweater over my pajama tank top. And maybe I didn’t actually have a bra on, but hey! PANTS. And I was shocked to find the PANIC TORNADO missed my house this morning. I did not feel immense pressure and anxiety as I drove through residential-land. I did not swear or feel the urge to mow down other drivers. I actually chatted to Kamel about something other then, “Are we going to make it? How much time? Well if I turn here does that shave off a minute?” It was a good morning.

Did you hear that? We had a good morning! Everyone arrived on time and I was home with tea in hand and I had 5 minutes to write this post. Wins, gotta count em all.

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  1. High five! Banner day here, as well: this was the first time post-baby/post-kindergarten that I’ve been able to make lunches for the kids *and for me* **and eat it** before the baby woke up to nurse. I’m the Queen of Suburbia because I made and ate a sandwich!

  2. YAY!

    We have been having the worst daycare dropoffs because JuggerBaby’s new room teachers were just NOT doing it right. We straightened them out last week and have experienced such drastic improvement that ze trotted right in this morning without looking back. HIGH FIVE TO US BOTH.

  3. 1. Though painful at times, I actually love when I suddenly see myself from the outside and realize I AM THAT ANNOYING PERSON THAT I WAS SO JUDGY ABOUT! It reminds me that we’re all just one step away from each other.
    2. So does this mean that the progress you were making towards Kamel getting up earlier and helping with the morning prep has actually gone in the opposite direction? I was so pleased for you all after that podcast that you were cracking the code.
    3. You got three members of your family dressed, fed, and to their places for the day? You deserve a medal! I can’t get myself there half the time and I don’t have anyone else to take care of!

    1. Ha!! He is totally getting up early and is on top of it. He wakes up at 530 and gets in the shower. But our schedule is now squished. We have to get everyone into the car by about 7:10, whereas before we needed to get everyone in the car by 730-745, and if they left at 8-8:15 it wasn’t a big deal. Now we have no flexibility, the kids are getting woken up earlier, everything is rushed and we have not figured out the flow yet. 🙁

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