This is the last of the week of random daily posts. But it was a good exercise to get this blog up and running again and it reminded me that HEY, WRITING – that is something I do and enjoy!

A quick update: Gabe has an ear infection in one ear. He also has… ring worm. Which is not actually as bad as it sounds, but is one of those things where I had been working on this little patch of “eczema” with some hydro-cortisone cream and lotion for like…. a really long time. And it wasn’t that. And here I am, MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD. Where are my banners and trophies?

Other things not skin fungus related…

I have a bunch of stuff I want for this blog. Like, I want to bring weekending back. I want to do a real life home tour video of the new place, with boxes and incomplete rooms and all! And then I want to do nice reveals of rooms as we complete them. Over the next million years because not only do we not have enough free hands, we spent all of our money on paint and fixing unimpressive stuff… oh and the mortgage (and daycare, and winter coats for the kids, and I did buy some Vans…).

Other things coming up for the family: Kamel and I are going on two back-to-back trips without the kids in October. They are both for weddings! One in Minnesota, for the lovely Margaret and Jeff, and one in Mexico City for Kamel’s cousin, Carlos and his future wife Paola. I have a lot of trepidation leaving both the kids and flying away from them for the first time ever. At least one of us has always been there. But not this time! Trepidation and relief! I will no longer be preoccupied with feeding and napping and pooping schedules for anyone except ME. One pooping schedule to rule them all.

I also have high hopes that the podcast will run continuously until mid-December at the least. Future topics include: An update from us on moving and how that has been a different experience for kamel vs me (slash our FEEEEELINGS about it), a listener question about maybe not wanting babies, an updated budget chat that will hopefully be more on track with how I thought were doing things (But then turned out that we were a complicated hodge podge of accounts), and much much more. If you have questions OR have an idea for something to discuss and banter about, please email

More on Monday.

7 thoughts on “Friday”

  1. Unpacking with small children is…fun… We have most of the downstairs done, I finally got my books out last week. And today, I cleared out half of the boxes in our bedroom (that have been sitting there empty for weeks.) (And we moved in April.) So, I get it. Also, traveling without kids sound like a dream!

  2. I know this is a weird question, but as a mama with a toddler and a baby on the way, I have spent a lot of time recently freaking out about how to get two kids ready in the morning. Timeline-wise, how does that work in your house? I feel like I can barely make it with one kid, and having to kids to get in the car, buckle, then get out again five minutes later is causing large amounts of panic.

    1. Some tips on getting out the door: When the babies are young, it is easier bc of the carseat. You load baby up, you hold toddler’s hand, you put toddler in the car, then baby.

      With Fae being mobile and in a convertible seat now – when Gabe was a little younger we had him stand on the sidewalk and then put Fae in and then put Gabe in. We stress staying on the curb and not going in the street. Now that he is a little bigger I open his door while holding Fae and Gabe climbs in and sits down, I put Fae in her seat and then come back around and clip Gabe in.

      I had a lot of anxiety about how to manage two kids, but you will figure out a system that works for you. It takes practice. 🙂

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