Episode 27: 2,400 Square Feet

We are back in podcast land!!!

I don’t have a ton to say about this one. We break down the move experience and the hustle that happened right at the very end. We also discuss how the transition has been on us. Hint: Hard on me. But you knew that.

Sometimes it is really hard to admit that something you think you should be stoked about, something everyone expects you to be excited about is just… hard.

4 thoughts on “Episode 27: 2,400 Square Feet”

  1. Aw, Lauren, I just want to show up to your house (that you don’t want to show the world) with wine and sit cross legged on your floor (or on your fantastic deck!) and just tell you to breathe.

    It’s all going to work out. You guys had these giant plans for making moving go smoothy but moving is a motherfucking bitch EVERYSINGLETIME. Over time, you’ll figure out the stuff. And it might be awhile because 2,400 sq ft is a CRAZY change from an apartment!

    <3 Congrats again.

  2. I could relate to so much of this! We’ve been in our new house (which is also a tiara that is too shiny) for about 3 months now, and it is starting to feel more like our (still very, very unsettled) home, rather than a place we’re visiting. I think a lot of that is having a kid in our neighborhood school, having super friendly neighbors, and having a baby who’s only ever lived here. But going anywhere (groceries, etc) still requires a lot of thought, rather than being automatic; I still use the wrong light switch all of the time (we have a LOT of light switches in our house), which is this random reminder of our not-quite-belonging.

    In any case, I hope things start to feel more comfortable and familiar (?) to you soon! I love seeing the pics of your family enjoying the deck; they’ll have such great memories of growing up together there.

  3. Downloading this and The West Wing Weekly’s Aaron Sorkin episode… set for my next walk.

    So happy you guys have come out the other side of this. Home buying scares the bejeezus out of me but we are nowhere near ready or able to do it so it’s years away for us unless we win the lotto or have a benevolent (and hitherto stealthily wealthy) family member die.

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