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The Olympics are everywhere and there is something about them that is so inspiring. Even amidst all the terrible politics and the crushing debt. I do really hope that they benefit the host country after all. I hope they sell a ton of merch and that everyone loves Brazil and their tourism flourishes. Unfortunately Zika effed them over (and so many babies, can’t think of the babies). But I digress. There have already been a handful of fantastic moments and we aren’t even finished with week 1 yet, but the best thing I have seen in a long long time are the epic fails by the Philippine divers. Oh man, if you need a little chuckle pick-me-up please watch that video. Two things are happening: If you’re going to try and totally biff it, biff it ALL THE WAY. And, their shrug-it-off attitude makes this that much better. I definitely couldn’t do any of those flips or even that one-legged jump off the diving board, but I for sure could back-flop like that. THERE IS AN OLYMPIAN IN EACH OF US!

So, we’re already full-steam-ahead in packing. My packing involves a lot of cleaning and donating and getting rid of a ton of stuff. Will we move into an empty cavernous house? Yes. Will it be strange and exciting and echo-y? Yes. But I don’t want to hold onto stuff I don’t love. I don’t care if it takes me 5 years to finally complete my living room furniture, I only want to buy things I actually like. We can all sit on the floor until then. And guess what closet?! Shit that doesn’t fit, is maternity (overtly maternity, the good maternity will stay), or I never ever wear because I hate it? These things have no place in this fresh start. I’ve collected a ton of clothes that I don’t feel confident in or doesn’t fit really well, or whatever. No more!! Let me have just 5 outfits if that’s what it takes, but I will love those outfits with a fiery passion. We have already packed up our living room. All books and games and movies are in boxes, all drawers and bookshelves are cleared. And this weekend we will clear out the closets, the nursery, and do a heave-ho of all the toys that no longer get used or things I think we can upgrade.

This will be the third move in Gabriel’s short 3.5 years, so we are really good at this. Even if I am hating every second of it. We hired movers because there is no way we could get this all done with two kids by ourselves, nor do I want to. I just don’t have time for it. Here is the complete list of the furniture we’ll move:

1 couch

1 bookshelf (if the movers can take it apart without breaking it to pieces, thanks ikea)

1 crib/toddler bed

1 filing cabinet

3 dressers

2 nightstands

1 overstuffed chair

1 play kitchen

…maybe our kitchen table, TBD.

That feels like nothing. It’s like barely two rooms worth of furniture. AH CAN YOU SMELL THE FRESH START?

Turning 1 has been rough on Fae. She got 7ish new teeth all at once, including a molar. Another molar is on its way on the other side. She only wants mama, she is not her usual chill self. It is very sad. It is also really inconvenient. I cannot lug around my 25 lbs 1 year old all day while she whimpers. The alternative is she scream cries and throws herself on the ground or is given to another person and throws her body toward me, reaching. So that’s not gut wrenching and heart breaking. I remember one being rough with Gabriel too. All that growing is hard.

We have become a family that goes through 2 boxes of waffles by Thursday after buying them on Sunday.

Gabe is super into Dr. Seuss and it is the GREATEST. I love reading him the classics at bedtime. And also – oh my god have you read Fox in Socks lately? That ish is HARD. God bless my parents and all of those tongue twisters.

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  1. If you are talking about that 8′ x 8′ Ikea bookshelf (that holds everything in the world), you don’t need to disassemble it if you can manage to get it around corners. We managed to right angle that sucker into the elevator and the moving truck (and then into the current place, which is full of lots of weird angled hallways), fully assembled. I’d be surprised if the movers can’t pull it off – they are professionals!

  2. Listening to the way home-buying works in such a crazy market is fascinating to me, because our process was so different! I don’t even remember having to do escrow! WACKY. I’m so glad The House has been (hopefully!) procured.

  3. AAAAH I was so filled with excitement for you all when I listened to the podcast yesterday! So good so good.

    If you want some tongue twisters, get the dr. seuss in Spanish translation. Jesus, it’s nigh impossible. I do love the “Huevos Verdes con Jamon” though- so hilarious how they shoehorn the rhymes into the story.

  4. Moving is the worst! And movers are so great! We hired some to move all of our stuff (and we have a ton) and they packed a little too. We had such a short window in which to move that I didn’t have a chance to weed out things I don’t want anymore, so now I get to do it while I (very slowly) unpack.

    My almost one year old is doing that super clingy thing too. It drives me crazy. He’s ok not being held by me only if I sit in one spot and don’t move. Super fun.

    I love Fox in Sox. The Smitten Kitchen blog said once that they started doing that one as a drinking game. I’ve gotten decent at it, but I can’t imagine reading it not sober.

    Also, the Olympics are great, they make me wish I’d been more dedicated to gymnastics while I was doing it in high school. (Not that I was very good at all, but it was fun.)

  5. “Let me have just 5 outfits if that’s what it takes, but I will love those outfits with a fiery passion.” Yes, love this. Nothing like moving to turn me into a minimalist. We’re also moving and seriously want to leave as much behind as possible. Fresh start sounds AWESOME.

  6. I’m so excited for you! Just caught up on your latest and that you’re going through escrow right now. I hope it all goes so smoothly. *hugs* and huzzah for the fresh clean start! That’s such a great approach to take and I think it’ll help you settle in and enjoy the new home that much more.

  7. I was actually just thinking about how I will likely finally have a house (or be DAMN CLOSE) this time next year but that it’ll be pretty empty but that I don’t want to fill it with cheap “temporary” crap.

    ❤️ So excited for your family.

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