Fae Lira is Baptized

In June we had Fae baptized and it was such a fantastic day. Being home and part of this community is something I didn’t always know was going to be possible. We were also lucky enough to have Kamel’s parents fly in for the weekend, so it was an all-family affair.


Claire Jesse and Fer Ruiz de Corona are Fae’s godmother’s, but Fer couldn’t join as she was in Mexico. Claire did a great job representing them both.



I’m a huge fan of getting a photographer for big life moments so that no one has to be in charge taking photos and everyone can be included. Aimee Tayag, an old high school yearbook friend of mine who is now a photographer (and who also has just recently had her very own baby girl) was gracious enough take these lovely photos of the event! If you are in the Seattle area, I highly recommend her. She is super reliable and lovely to work with.





Thank you to everyone who came to make this day exceptionally lovely and special. The community at St. Joes in Seattle has been so incredibly lovely and welcoming. I love continuing to grow this aspect of our family.



(Gabriel’s godmother, Kathleen, up at the front with Gabe as he watched his sister get baptized.)


Fae Lira! You did it!

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  1. Awwww! I hadn’t seen this post on the blog!!! I should have been there!!!!! Dollars are so expensive hahahahah!!!!! I’m so so sorry I was not there! Thanks to Claire for representing for me! These are lovely pictures and I’m sure it was a wonderful day! Kisses and hugs!!!!!!

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