Episode 26: The Shower Debate

Sometimes I begin a podcast thinking we’ll have something poignant to say and then it devolves into arguments over having time to make eggs for breakfast and taking long showers. This is one of those times

As a follow up – this morning Kamel got up at 530 and got showered and dressed before the kids got up. I also got up at 530 and prepped a bottle for Fae in case she woke up before 6 and I wouldn’t have to scramble. The kids chilled in their room until a little after 6:00. It was a great morning where everyone got to eat breakfast. Success!

8 thoughts on “Episode 26: The Shower Debate”

  1. Wow – this was painful to listen to; but very familiar. As a mom of two young kids, I’ve had conversations with my husband that have turned into very similar arguments.

  2. “When do you do your thinking?”


    Hate to say it, but I am #TeamKamel on showers.

    I mean I don’t soap myself twice or lotion my knees… (WTF, Kamel?) And I don’t take morning or daily showers. But FIVE MINUTES? I don’t think I can move to your universe, Lauren! Can I keep my 20 minute showers if they are every 2-3 days and I need the time for washing my hair and also thinking!? I have a lot of hair and a lot of thoughts.

    1. Margaret!! I will give you a +1 point for infrequent showering. But -500 points for taking so long! We need that water to LIVE. Not to think. Also a free pass bc childfree. But don’t go abandoinng Jeff for 20 minutes when your 7 tiny margarets+Jeff Combo Humans are trying to break him down, inch by inch.

  3. Team Lauren. 5 minutes is my daily average for a shower. I think I typically take about 2 minutes if I’m just washing my body, and 5-7 if I’m washing my hair. 20 minute thinking showers are for weekends!

  4. Our schedules are just so different from other parents! I don’t know if I could do the early morning scramble like you two do though, you guys are beasts.

    I work 6pm-630am and Bob works 730am-330pm so we do more of a tag team situation. When I get home from work Bob and I basically kiss at the door and say have a good day. I have dinner and the baby gets up between 730-8. I get him up, get him fed and pack him all up and then my mom comes and gets him and I go to sleep. Bob picks him up from my parents house and brings him home around 4, so the three of us have about an hour and a half to play, get ready for work (me), get ready for dinner (bob). I leave about 530 and Bob does dinner, bath and bedtime. Oli goes to bed at 8, and usually does pretty good about sleeping through the night although that is becoming less and less.

    So basically we do more tag team than double team. I do mornings and he does nights.

    I also do longer showers less frequently, but I try to shower when hes asleep, either before he wakes up or during nap time.

    I have a feeling that a second one would rock our whole shit up haha.

  5. First of all, that was my FAVORITE podcast you’ve done. And I’ve liked a bunch of em. 🙂 This was the best, because I’m a big fan of couple negotiations/real talk. Thanks for letting us in your world!

    I agree – you DO have it together, because (unfortunately) you’re each picking up the slack in various ways to get the family out the door, regardless of getting your own needs met. Except for Kamel and his showers, obviously. And I died laughing at the concept of Lauren going back to bed and watching the shows and playing the games after everyone leaves. Mwa ha ha, it would be so luxuriously vicious!

    As for showers, this house is totally Team Kamel. I similarly have NO CLUE how people get out of the shower in faster than 15 minutes. Hubby is worse – he does the standing, thinking, showering, slowly thing and takes more like 20-25. Lauren, I am inspired/terrified by the 5 minute no nonsense communist shower. I may someday do it that way when I’m really rushed. Personally, I am SUPER grumpy in the morning, because I hate hate hate mornings, and so having 5 of my 15 minutes in the shower to ease myself awake, relax, think, etc., is what allows me to then get out and drag my butt through the rest of the prep needed to get to work. It’s necessary. Please don’t take it away. 😉

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