Episode 25: A Subdued Nighttime Announcement

We have some exciting, daunting, not-quiet-yet-official news! But, you all have been along for the twisty turvy, nauseous ride – so we couldn’t leave you out now, could we?

Ps. I apologize for any grumpiness on my end during the podcast. Nighttime is not when I am my best self.


5 thoughts on “Episode 25: A Subdued Nighttime Announcement”


    Also: hearing you guys talk about escrow and everything brought it ALL BACK. Somehow I had repressed all those weird things you have to do in that month between getting an offer accepting and closing. It’s such a weird, mysterious time!

    Also also: nighttime Lauren, I totally understand. Nighttime Laura is not her best self, either.

  2. Yea!!! So very exciting! Can’t wait to see it. So awesome! I totally relate to the late night grumpiness. I pretty much am extremely mean to my husband at night for no other reason than I’m tired.

  3. Oooh, that was a really nice little tip of the iceberg for those of us not yet experienced in the buying of the houses. I appreciate so much how you open your life up to share with others those mystery parts of things that, in all actuality, can be totally overwhelming if it’s all new when you get there in your own life. So thanks!! And good luck! May it continue to be smooth sailing.

    Yes, movers are god’s gift. We hired one guy (just one!) for three hours last time we moved, to be the other set of hands with the hubby since he wants to DO IT HIMSELF, and it made the whole thing SO MUCH EASIER. And faster. And less dangerous to the furniture since he knew what he was doing.

    ALSO, we bought a couch that folds into a futon (I refuse to call it a futon because it’s truly a nice, comfy couch) to put into our “multi purpose/semi-guest room,” which is way more of a workout space and office than anything else. It’s not the perfect setup for guests, but whatever we cook them nice meals when they are here, and I wanted to have a “den-like” space besides the living room, and hubby needed a legit office, so too bad so sad it’s not a Guest Room. So props to you for holding strong on that.

  4. Yay! This is so exciting! The earnest money was so scary, just sending it out there in hopes that we didn’t loose it and ruin everything. The whole process seemed to go so fast for us, it didn’t seem real for so long. We did some painting before we moved in, but otherwise we left things as they were. We have some things to get done now, but we have time, we plan on never moving again. And we’re not doing anything to the yard until next spring. I figure we have all winter to figure it out. I feel like I had more to say, but can’t remember anymore. Teething babies who only like to sleep in your lap do terrible things to short-term memory.

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