Things, July

This month is kicking my butt. I have no extra time and no extra money. I am late on getting Fae’s birthday video (coming soon) and showing you some photos from her baptism (coming soon). I had to skip a podcast week because we just couldn’t find the time to record and I have no more banked episodes (fail). I am drowning. Again. Even more. Next week is worse. Doctor appointments and dentist appointments and more more more.

There are some good things though. I have seen my best friends almost every weekend, and during the week for nearly a month now, and it will be this way well into September. Wedding events for Claire, Fae’s birthday, brunches, babysitting, drinks on rooftops, shopping excursions, and on and on. This is a big reason why I moved home. I am so happy to be living in the same place as my people.

I’m annoyed at my body. Not to the point where I can’t get dressed, I just don’t have time for that bullshit to be honest. But, I’m mad that I workout regularly, indulge rarely, and yet still… the postpartum stomach pooch, the thickness in the middle that is making clothes shopping so hard, the stubborn lbs that won’t come off. I’m just so frustrated. And I know that yes, I could restrict my diet further, I could be hungrier, I could. But fuuuuck, I just don’t want to more than I am. I really don’t. And part of me is totally ok with that. And the other part of me like… it’s been a year. Why can’t I shake these last 5 lbs? And even if I did, I’m sure I would still have this skin bulk right in my middle that makes dress shopping so frustrating, that makes muffin top pants so so so annoyingly real, that makes my workouts seem pointless. ERGH.

I have next week’s podcast all planned out, but I would very much like some topic suggestions. If you have a question, that is awesome! Email me at or, but even if you don’t have a question and just want to hear Kamel and I debate/discuss something, let me know in comments. My inspiration well is running a tad bit dry with all of the life stuff swirling around us.

Fae is transitioning out of the baby room and is headed into the “waddler” room. Like she’s no longer a real baby anymore or something. Not a fan of this thought process. Will she always seems so so little to me? Is that how youngest children work? Because the oldest is also little, but the littler one is SUPER little. Is that what they mean when they say, “You’ll always be my baby”? I wonder what her first word will be. It might be “ow” to be honest…

I want THINX underpants!!! I just haven’t gotten my shit together enough to spend $30 a pair on them!! This is me yelling at myself about it!! After having Gabriel nothing really changed with my period, even though I had heard that having babies can make your period heavier. But after having Fae – I leak through super tampons like they aren’t even there. (TMI, sorry, I warned you too late.) I end up wearing an annoying horrible pad for at least 3-4 days because at any given moment I can just spring a damn leak. So instead I want period underpants! But $30! A pair! My underpant plight is constant and ongoing. There is no justice.

Everyone is going on vacations. I see it all over the internet. I am not. I desperately wish I was. That is all.

I have been at home and not in an office since May of 2015. Isn’t that weird? I have always worked. And I mean, I am working, full time, but I’m just here, on my coach. Maybe it would feel less like I’m just sitting around in my underwear if I was sitting around in my underwear at a desk, in an office. But for now I am on my couch, being professional as shit, without a bra on, feeling waves of impostor syndrome wash over me. And not going on any vacations.

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  1. I also want Thinkx underwear. But I never think of it until I have my period and then I’m like, “It’s too late to order, now…” and then promptly forget for a month. I want them so I can stop buying pads/tampons all together and just rely on the Diva Cup and Thinx. Have you tried the Diva Cup? I feel like it’s required for someone on the internet to bring them up in every period conversation, so here’s me: shilling for them.

    1. Hahahahaahahaha. The diva cup grosses me out. It is probably irrational and would be totally fine. I would love to wear tampons for two days and the rest of the time just wear thinx. Especially at night when I could just ditch pads altogether – omg amazing.

  2. Summer is simultaneously the best and also THE MOST EXHAUSTING THING EVER. By the time September rolls around I always want to hibernate for 4 months.

  3. On the topic of stubborn pounds, not that I know what I’m talking about, but I always hear/have had good luck in the past with incorporating a totally new type of workout one day a week. Something new to get my body burning again. All cardio and strength, how about yoga or pilates? My go to group class was always spin, but I don’t want to join a gym now. I do go to boot camps 2-3 times a week, but suddenly saw a couple pound drop when I dropped a day of boot camp for 5K training and added yoga. I have not changed how I eat, because life=short and I love food. However, it is summer, and I hate the heat and I generally want to eat less this time of year, so there’s that working to my advantage for the moment too.

  4. I have never heard of THINX, so thanks for that – (also: when googling, the first auto-fill is ‘thinx underwear smell’ sooo…??). But I have to chime in for Diva cup love. My flow is in-saneee on Day 1 and I love the diva cup for this part especially. I trust it more than a tampon and strangely I have loved learning more about my flow by seeing it as I empty it.

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