Fae Turns One

This year has been the fastest year of my life. And I worry it only speeds up from here. A year ago Fae Lira Dupuis-Perez was born. It was an easy delivery, it was a hard recovery, it has been a scramble ever since.

IMG_5120 (1)

The very first photo of Fae, fresh out of the oven.


For the first several weeks no one slept, you never do. Fae was up until 1am like it was the middle of the afternoon, and then would sleep sometimes until 9am, with a lot of restarts between. I have never felt more exhausted, sore, and over-touched than I did during the first two months.


Fae at 1 month. 


Fae at 2 months.

I have never met a more chill, happy baby than Fae. Gabriel was always a mover and a shaker. He didn’t really want to snuggle or be held in your lap. He wanted to go go go. And even though Fae walked months earlier than Gabriel, She spent the majority of her babyhood happily sitting in my lap and looking around, or chillin’ in her high chair, or playing independently with all of her brother’s choking hazard toys.


Fae at 3 months.


Fae at 4 months.

Fae has a signature whisper. She was slow-ish to babble, but raspberried constantly and because she lost her voice for several weeks early on, she developed a very cute whisper still used today. She often whispers to herself like she is mumbling spells under her breath.

She is sweet and snuggly, but also fearless and fiery. She has no problem pushing anyone away that she doesn’t want to be close to. She will enthusiastically shake her head NO and glue her mouth shut to any unwanted food. When she is unhappy she is immediately and immensely unhappy. There is no whimper, there is only hot rage.


Fae at 5 months.


Fae at 6 months. 


Fae at 7 months.

She already throws tiny tantrums. And I find them hilarious. The best part about having two kids (And there are many good things and many many hard things) is that the stuff Gabe is doing is always way more stressful, way more involved, way more annoying. So baby tantrums? HAHA. I LAUGH AT YOU. I’m sure I also laughed at Gabe, but I think part of me was also like “how do we do this? What is baby tantrum protocol?” and now I feel like…. “Oh look, Fae threw herself on the ground bc we took away that plastic wrapper she was trying to eat. Ho hum.” Beautiful.


Fae at 8 months.


Fae at 9 months old.

Oh and the illnesses. My god, second children and being sick. But… And you can cock your eye brows at me in a few months… so far, Fae has weathered all of her many colds and rashes and two round of HFM like a CHAMP. I mean, clearly just wait for it. She is about to head into the land of toddler daycare, the germiest of all the rooms. So come January I’m sure I will be begging for mercy under a pile of empty kleenex boxes and puke buckets. So… yay the holidays.


Fae at 10 months.

IMG_3803 (1)

Fae at 11 months.

The day I gave birth to Gabriel and the day I gave birth to Fae are the two most important days of my life. My love for them both grows every single day, though sometimes it does threaten to swallow me whole. Having a daughter, though she is 100% her own person and her actions and growth will one day be her very own, having her completes me as a person. Not that I’m done now, but that I’m whole now. I have waited for her for a very long time and she is infinitely more wonderful than I could have ever imagined.


Fae at 12 months.

Fae Lira, you are my every day sunshine. Happy birthday my little bird. I would do it all again for eternity if I could.

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