Episode 23: Celebrations

This weekend we are (finally) going to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary! But it is really easy to neglect celebrating your partner in the face of LIFE and EXPENSES and SHOULD WE REALLY SPEND THE MONEY ON THAT?

The answer should be yes! But it isn’t always. This week, Kamel and I break down how we approach celebrations and how we should probably not neglect each other for Christmas, even though that seems like it is maybe becoming a trend. :/

2 thoughts on “Episode 23: Celebrations”

  1. I love this episode!

    We do get each other Anniversary gifts — and we go with the themes! Paper gifts for Year 1 (I got him a poster, he got me a signed first-edition book), Cotton for Year 2, and leather for Year 3. This year (4 = fruit), we’re talking about getting some apple trees for the yard.

    We’re not always great about taking time out to celebrate it, though… and same for scheduling dates. It’s something I’m trying to be better about though, because I tend to agree with you on the “experiences”… they’re often more important to me than the “things.”

    Also — MAYBE I’M A HORRIBLE PERSON — but I would be totally fine not getting Christmas gifts for each other. He, however, would not 😛

  2. We’ve just caught up with the podcasts, so this comment is very late. We are pretty bad at anniversary presents, though I would like to start doing things for anniversaries rather than giving things. Other holidays we’re better at giving presents. But, my husband is here for only about half of them so we end up celebrating things late or early. Also, he wants to know what the amazing nose hair trimmer is. 🙂

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