Episode 21: Property Spouses, Part 2

On this week’s episode we share an update on house buying, share a few room mate horror stories, and hear from YOU! It is, honestly, so nice to hear that sometimes home buying actually works. It is also nice to hear about wacky homes up for sale that are secret prepper communes.

Home ownership remains intimidating to us. I know that once we start tackling projects, living and working within our very own space, and realizing we could/would/will be capable of managing such a large responsibility on our own, it will all feel like a big relief. But in the mean time we hold our breaths and hold each other’s hands more than push each other away through this crazy, sad, frustrating, exciting, adventurous journey. Thank you for riding along with us!

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      1. It would have been the best B&B if we’d gone with that Life Plan (aside from the whole no-indoor-plumbing thing…)

  1. Oh, thanks for including me! It was a lot of fun. Sorry for all the messages- for some reason I really thought I could tell the story in under three minutes and that was obviously not true. 😛

    I really loved this episode (and the podcast in general!) and I’m crossing my fingers for you to find something excellent and bat-free soon. <3

    1. Yes!! I used the reno stuff because I find that information so insanely interesting. And the POWER LINES MELTING omfg what what what what. Thank you so much for calling!

      1. Geez, I know. When they told us that was what had happened I think my brain melted. Hah. I had no idea that could even happen! I suppose it’s better than another local acquaintance who had all of her windows shatter after a lightning strike. Whaaattt!

  2. This is one of my favorite episodes! You guys are so real and relatable.

    So I was going to call and tell you about the feeling I had when I saw the house we live now. We bought it almost 3 years ago now. We weren’t planning on moving for another couple of years but my sister was looking. Collin came home from work and said a woman at work was going to sell her MIL’s house because she was going into a home to be cared for; he thought maybe it would work for my sister. So we drove over and looked at it, and as we sat in the driveway I swear I felt a tear drop roll off my heart and splash onto the property. That doesn’t make any sense and I am not a whoo-woo person but that is exactly what I felt. It was one of the weirdest feelings of my life.
    Anyway it was out of my sisters price range, I called our realtor we used to buy our first she came over and told us what she thought we could get for our house, I went to the bank and pulled our loan officer out of a meeting and threw my paperwork at him and said we need this loan and then went to the realtors office and drafted our offer – all of this was on a Friday. We remodeled our bathroom over the weekend and cleaned everything and our house was under contract by Tuesday morning. I still can’t believe how it all happened. It’ll happen for you guys and when it does your life will feel rand new without the weight of this process on you!

  3. I FAILED at calling and am a terrible human being BUT I wanted to tell you guys something:

    The first time we looked at our house I hated it. It was dark, it felt dirty, I wasn’t crazy about the location, the backyard was entirely filled with weeds almost as tall as me.

    Months and months later we ended up putting an offer on it, because a) there was jack shit in our price range, and b) our realtor convinced us that the house had “potential.”

    For probably about 3 months after we moved in, I would get super upset and freak out and start crying to Byron about how “IT’S SO DIRRRTYYYYY!” (Not to past self: JUST HIRE A CLEANING SERVICE FOR PETE SAKE.)

    But now? Now I love our little house! It is totally perfect for us and fits our current needs. I just didn’t/couldn’t see that amidst all the stress that is home-buying. So even if you don’t LOVE LOVE LOVE it right away, it may still be alright!

    1. Oh, yes. We looked at some weird, dirty houses during our house search- including the one we bought. It was pretty gross when we toured it. We learned during the house search process that you can’t change some things- like the location, and the general house layout (without a lot of knowledge/construction people help) but so many things about the inside of the house (paint, floors, ‘brightness’, cleanliness, yard stuff, etc.) can be changed. And often you can do it yourself (though hiring a cleaning service is sometimes so so so valid and worth it.) For months after we moved in we still had regular freakouts about how we would never finish things (true, but not bad- you just have to finish it enough that it’s comfortable and happy) and how there might be TERRIBLE THINGS WRONG WITH IT (also true, but unavoidable as a homeowner– things do happen.)

      I’m so glad you like your house now!

  4. So is that photo just everyone’s dream house, or only mine (and maybe yours)? 🙂 Seriously. Perfection.

    (I am at work so can’t listen to the podcast just yet, so perhaps my questions will be answered once I do…)

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