Fae @ 11 Months

This weekend has been full of family and events with Fae’s Baptism and my mother in laws’ retirement celebrations, but I am bound and determined to get this post up on time. Only one more to go after this. I can’t believe it.


Fae at 10 months.

The last 11 months with Fae has felt like everything is on fast forward. I don’t remember feeling that way with Gabriel and I wish things would slow down so I could savor the baby times more. Fae makes life with a baby so incredibly joyful.




See that vice grip on her arm? That is the grip of a mother who wants to get a picture of your cute headband, goddamnit. STAY STILL.

Because miss Fae is not staying still, she is RUNNING. She toddles away every change she gets on unstable tiny tiny tiny feet. Freakishly tiny feet. 3-6 month sized feet. But she is fearless. She falls, she loses her balance, she doesn’t care, she is GOING.


How many times can babies knock their foreheads on stuff, bruise and welt, before it starts affecting development? These are things I wonder with this tiny rocket launcher.


Crackers found under the table are way more delicious than any food left on her tray. Any toddler or puppy can tell you that.



This months we also had a second bout of Hand Foot and Mouth! My favoritest friend in the whole world! It was a mild case and she just had sores in her mouth and along the edges of her diaper and on her lower back. But! It still meant a week of sleepless nights, blistered sores, calamine lotion and a super pissed baby.




Gabriel and Fae’s relationship continues to grow and watching it is magic. They genuinely play together. When we are not in the room they often play peekaboo or Gabe leads her around with his shirt and pretends to be a choo-choo train. I really didn’t expect this so soon, and it is fucking delightful.




This month we also sleep trained Fae! Which took some parental sacrifice as she was still in our room for that entire process. At first we thought if we were REALLY still and didn’t breath she would just give up and go back to sleep? But that was totally fruitless. Instead, for about 5 days whenever she would fuss in the night, Kamel and I would get up and leave and go lay on the couch and wait for her to put herself back to sleep.



The first night it took her about 20 minutes to go back to sleep, and that was the longest night. The second night she went back down in about 10 minutes, and in my desire to go BACK TO BED, I rushed the process, went in too soon, and had to leave again when she got hip to us being available for snuggles. Sorry kid, sort yourself out.




By the end of five days she was putting herself back to sleep so quickly that Kamel and I were falling asleep on the couch only to wake each other up after an hour plus, shuffling our tired butts back to bed.

This was the final step in moving her into Gabe’s room. Which I wasn’t totally willing to do, because I love having her with me. But, Kamel ripped off the band aid and moved the crib. We re-jiggered Gabe’s bedtime routine a bit (to the benefit of us all) and presto-changeo, we are a little over a week into room sharing, and it is going so much better than I thought!

11 months has been growth and change and preparing for my baby to be a toddler! Onward to the next big milestone!

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Fae @ 11 Months

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