Episode 20: Property Spouses

The photo above is me, with one of our agents, at the first house we put an offer on. Now it is somebody else’s house.

After we recorded this episode, we found a house we thought would work and then promptly lost it. Even though we were the highest bidder, someone else waived more contingencies and they gave the house to them. Seattle is a similar market to San Francisco, only about 400k less. But just as wackadoo with low inventory.

House hunting has been rough on our marriage. Not in the “we should get divorced” way, but in the “I don’t even LIKE YOU RIGHT NOW” way. And feeling that a lot of the time is exhausting and draining. Maybe it won’t be like that for you, maybe you had a marvelous time shopping for homes. But for me, it has been one of the biggest challenges in our nearly 5 years together.

But enough about me. We want to hear from YOU. Join in on our sad sack gravy train. What are your moving stories? What are your room mate stories? What are your house buying stories? Tell me how you found your dream house, tell me about the bullets you’ve dodged, tell me about what a massive pain in the ass house hunting, apartment hunting, MOVING is. Do you have a story? I want to hear it. 

All stories are due by Monday, July 4th! 

Please call 415-275-0551. Message space is about 3 minutes. Call back as many times as you need! We will edit things together. 🙂

Without you, there is no episode. <3

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  1. We rewired our whole house about three months into being new homeowners. (Was previously wired without permits and we found that it had ‘new electrical’ which was a pure joke, soldered into the old knob and tube wiring. It was sheer luck the place hadn’t burned down yet.

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