Episode 19: For Fun or For Glory

Today’s episode was inspired by an old-ish article I read in NY Times titled “Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person.” Which is borderline click-bait, but ended up also being kind of amazing.

Turns out, putting up with someone’s annoying crap doesn’t = settling. It might just = marriage? But don’t worry! It also means someone is putting up with your annoying crap! It’s all a big circle.

We talk about this image in the podcast, so for your viewing pleasure here it is:



And, the excerpt that I read from the article is also here:

NY Times article excerpt

But, please, go read the article. It is so good. So much to think about! And then listen to the podcast (or listen and then go read it, either way really). Today is all about the reality of what being married means and then we do a little meta discussion on what it’s like to work creatively with each other. How do you share space on a project where there is unequal footing, yet you aim for total equality in life? Sometimes it gets tricky.

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  1. Loved this! So, I always liked the concept of 90/10: if 90% of the person is good and easy, and 10% is something you thought you’d never have to deal with but are willing to, that’s a good ratio. So like you said, and like it said in the article, the 10% you choose to sacrifice on, or put up with, is what makes the difference – is it something you can deal with over time. (I actually think this is also a good rule of thumb with jobs.) The point is, noone is perfect, there will inevitably be something you are disappointed by, so pick someone whose ways of disappointing you are worth the ways that they brighten your life/provide amazing partnership/etc.

    I think my husband would say the same thing as Kamel – that he appreciates that I listen, that he can be himself with me (feeling “familiar”), and that he thinks I am a good person. That you just want to keep hanging out with each other forever. It seems less romantic, maybe, but I agree – plenty strong as a foundation for a marriage.

    Thanks for sharing, guys!

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