Finding the Happies

It has been a very long time since I have done a Happies post. And I absolutely need some of your happy inspiration. I hope my list finds some of you in your deep dark places and sheds some light on the good stuff. The stuff that is really getting me through lately are all the tiny things that poke holes in my worry and stress.

Being able to work out 4 days a week and taking the kids on walks on the weekend.

Piggy backing on that thought – how I am finally feeling strong again, how I am seeing improvement and how carrying my kids is no longer an endurance test on my back and arms and core.

Talking Rain sparkling water in the can. I love the crack of opening a can of fizzy beverage. And I have now become obsessed with plain ‘ol sparkling water like some kind of boring person.

Almost being carded by a bartender last weekend. And then he was laughing at Kamel and I and our loser noobness on being out without the kids and not feeling cool enough to be anywhere. And then he was like “I have kids too!” and then it turned out he was basically our neighbor.

Looking forward to a summer and fall full of happy events for friends and family. Fae’s baptism and all kinds of wedding events for Claire, then family weddings and Margaret’s wedding and then Kathleen’s daughter’s baptism in November. So many happy things marching us along.

Guacamole with anything, and Avocado + hard boiled eggs. My summer lunch of champions.

Fae WALKING. It’s like she is straight out of Dr. Seuss. My little happy chubby walking creature.

Getting my hair died blonde(ish) this weekend. I’m really excited for a new look to shake off my boring/haggard/tired feels.

I negotiated my first raise ever and it worked. (!!)

Gabriel after he has gotten into trouble asking me, “Mama… Are you happy to me?” Meaning: Are you happy with me? And being able to have an actual make-good conversation with my son like he is some kind of PERSON or something.

Our instagram wall, and knowing we get to switch it out again coming in about a month and a half. Picking our current event photos for it is always my favorite thing.

Pedicures are back.

Buying gifts for people. I’ve been on a spree, even though if I were being responsible I really shouldn’t. BUT I CAN’T HELP MYSELF.

Being home and with my people and being able to see them and sniff their babies and run into them at the grocery store and be at all of their life events. It’s all finally happening after so many years away and I just don’t know if I’ll ever be over how amazing it all feels. That here we are, grownups, and I love them more and more every year that goes by. With every silent look across the room and every milestone and every glass of wine in our sweats and every event planned, it just gets better.

At the beginning of this post I had a laundry list of negatives to write down and now all I feel is warm. What are your happies?



11 thoughts on “Finding the Happies”

  1. Happies!!

    I need this, as my mental list was alllllll negative this morning. SO negative.

    -sending invitations out in the mail yesterday felt AMAZING and heart fluttery
    -falling asleep on Lincoln’s arm watching british baking show when we should have been sleeping
    -discovering new chill music lately that makes school work so much better
    -starting a new daily meditations and reflection book that centers on the feminine divinity goddess lady and it feeding my soul
    -shopping for Fae’s baptism goodies
    -overnight oats
    -telling the stupid loud chatty bros next to me to QUIT IT (hand/neck motion included) at the movie last Friday
    -flare jeans and wedge sandals


  2. Blonde!! That sounds exciting. And BOOM on the raise. Negotiation skillz FTW.

    My happies:
    – Finally finding a yoga studio and going to classes. LOVING the classes. Starting to feel my body get stronger.
    – Working through a new creativity workbook and carving out ME time.
    – Going to the art museum and stumbling upon the Australian aboriginal room. Jaw dropping good.
    – Being out in our front yard and being still and watching all the different types of bugs fly around our plants.
    – Planning our trip to Glacier.
    – Lying on the couch listening to music, getting foot rubs.

  3. Must be in the air. I’ve been in need of some happies for a while myself.

    — letting go of certain expectations and this idea of “how” things should be or look
    — applying for a townhouse and the possibility of living on my own again since 2013
    — getting pulled over but only getting a warning
    — being able to lay out in the sun on Sunday and start working on my summer color
    — spontaneous morning date with my niece and friend in town from VA
    — getting to see BOTH nieces and friends on Thursday and witnessing their first play date!
    — so much sun and warmth
    — getting to wear pretty, airy, dresses instead of layers and layers of clothes
    — a coworker sharing their mint chocolate chip ice cream with me

  4. – Work opportunities appearing just as I was being laid very low by the end of other work opportunities;
    – the prospect of going to see a movie by myself after this season of marking is over;
    – playing dodgeball with my brothers, and them inviting me to play on a new rep team because they love me (not because I’m any good, mind you);
    – jogging along the waterfront. The tall masts at the marina and the sparkly water makes my heart sing.
    – starting the enrolment process for my baby to go to school (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! both awesome and not awesome)
    – catching up on IBIRL podcasts, and hearing you and Kamel making Mrs Landingham references after literally just listening to The West Wing Weekly podcast with Joshua Malina. Obsessed. I’m so willing to pay sticker price to avoid haggling… but I am so, so impressed that you negotiated for a higher salary! Tell me all your tricks. In a podcast. With West Wing references.

  5. Yay! I love the new site. LOVE it. I’ve been working on one forever and I’m still not happy with it because I’m not articulating what I want to see well enough and possibly because I want too much out of one change. But that’s ok, it’ll happen soon. Or it has to because I have a big blog anniversary this year and I would really like to have a new fresh clean theme to go with it.

    Congrats on your first negotiation!!! How did it go?? You know I’m all about that. ALL about that.

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