Things, April

I have been writing a Things post in my mind for weeks, but have not had the time to sit down and make this beauty happen. So here we are. It is Wednesday (when I am writing this) and it feels like Friday. I have to keep remembering that the week is not yet over. This has been a long one, folks. The month seemed to have zoomed by, but my god the weeks… they keep a draggin’ on.

My shower routine has gone all topsy turvy and I am so enjoying it. I think I’m over lemon soap. I was on a kick for years, and I think I need a solid break. I had this huge bar of verbena soap and it is still there, being used, but it’s been like… probably months at this point, and I am OVER IT. I keep thinking about all the mint scented soap I need in my life. It’s been a distraction. Also: In shower moisturizer. Mind go kablooy!! I know Miss Diana in comments, many moons ago, suggested this wonder product to me but I have just recently been able to have the browsing time in Target to find it in the lotion aisle. I did have to abandon the kids with Kamel and flee with the cart before they noticed though. Worth it. My question to the way more knowledgeable internet (and I already poised this question on twitter, so thank you again for those insights): right now I am using Nivea in shower lotion, but it is a little manly scented for my taste. I don’t feel like I can layer my perfume on it. Does anyone use one that has a more subtle scent? Less deodorant-y?

Still hunting for rabbits houses. Kamel keeps telling me it’s like dating and I keep telling him I HATE DATING. The worst part is when a week goes by and there isn’t even anything worth looking at on the market. Seattle market, why do you suck so fucking hard? And every month passes is a month we are paying too much on month-to-month rent in our current overflowing apartment. It’s a month that goes by with Fae still in our room and me weeping to HGTV shows. I know “it only takes one” but if the kids are grown and we’re still living on top of each other, what then… WHAT THEN? Stay tuned for more wallowing.

Have I told you lately how much I love buying my kids clothing? I love shopping for them. Shopping for me is annoying, my body is still all squishy and oddly shaped in the gut region. But the kiddos! The kiddos can wear whatever and it looks fantastic. Gabe has been less fun to shop for because he hasn’t been growing as fast as before so lately all I’ve been able to pick out is goofy underpants. But Fae! Darling Fae! She seems to always be in need of something. Pants, jackets, summer clothes, socks, shirts, you name it. Mostly because she is still barfing all over herself on a regular basis. And also because babies grow so quickly and I just never seem to be able to keep her drawers full. But lazily shopping for her? My favoritest thing ever.

What are your things this month? What has been happening in your world? It’s almost May…!

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  1. We sold our old house! And my birthday is next week! And I’m living in a forest of boxes that never seem to end… But slowly (very slowly since unpacking with a toddler and an infant is interesting) it’ll all get sorted. And we are so enjoying being able to just go outside with minimal fuss rather than having to get the stroller and walk to the park.

  2. This month has been all sunshine and BIKE RIDES (Finally! Phew, what a long winter) and good things happening at work… and now I have a mild cold but I don’t really mind because that just means I have an excuse to watch movies!

    I went through the agonizing process of picking out new glasses after my four year old ones broke on a work trip, and I THINK I like them. That would make them only the second pair of glasses I’ve owned that I’ve liked.

    Friday nights are the worst, because the hubs is commuting and doesn’t get home until 9pm, and it’s no fun to wallow around in how tired and lazy you are on a Friday by yourself. So I just end up eating dumb things for dinner or going out by myself and feeling pathetic and guilty for spending money alone. Although I am starting to let myself off the hook with that, since treating myself is definitely something I have earned at this point. No need to feel guilty every time I spend money.

    For one, I’m impressed that you’re blogging AT ALL with two small people and a full time job and a house hunt. Bravo, lady!! And thanks as always for sharing and entertaining us! 🙂

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