Okayest Parenting, A Podcast

Are you wanting even more parenting chatter? I have teamed up with two other moms (the amazing and smart and lovely Kelly and Hayley) to launch the World’s Okayest Moms Podcast because being the world’s best is 1) overrated and 2) epic bullshit.

We have two episodes up and it is just the beginning! We are still hammering out flow and some … technical issues (like my audio just cutting out half way through and then needing to be editing back in like a sad patch in your favorite jeans!), but stick with us! We will be publishing every other week and you’ll hear amazing gems like:

  • How Kelly has her daughter cooking in the kitchen and making meals that her 2 year old actually EATS most of the time!
  • Hayley’s totally real set up of drinking a glass of wine, standing in the kitchen, while her daughter eats dinner. (Sounds like fucking heaven.)
  • Batteries. Will change your life.

Also you can follow us on twitter! 

Bottom line: We’re all pretty ok. And that’s fantastic.

3 thoughts on “Okayest Parenting, A Podcast”

  1. Amazing. So glad to hear that my toddler is not the only one subsisting on pb toast. I listened to episode one after dinner tonight and laughed so hard because we have the same reality. Thanks!

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