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*Post Edit: The winner of the giveaway is…. JENNY! I’ll be contacting you shortly so you can choose your cake!*

A few weeks ago I was approached to host a sponsored post. I used to love doing these because they were interesting and fun and felt like the best kind of grad school writing assignments, but lately I just don’t have time to take on extra projects beyond my other extra projects. BUT THEN – the hook. I would be writing about my experience with CAKE. And I’d be able to experience baked goods delivered straight to me for free! And AND and …. I’d be able to host a giveaway that would allow one of my lovely, dedicated, thoughtful, baked-goods-loving readers to also receive FREE CAKE. (See the bottom of this post for details)


Crumbolicious makes many things – including brownies and cookies – that can be delivered directly to you, fresh and delicious. But what they are really, really good at is making these amazing crumble cakes. Like coffee cakes on crack because they now involve chocolate and chocolate chip and several other amazing why-didn’t-I-think-of-that flavors!

The second best part, which is why this service fits right into my world, is these boutique, hand-made baked goods are not found in rare boutique baked-good shops – they are found on the INTERNET! And then are delivered to your house – STILL FRESH – because they ship them out the same day they make them.

The post suggested idea was to talk about who I share cake with. And there are so many people I want to share cake with! My best friends, my husband, my mom, my children. All of the people! But I got the cake right after I go back from Miami and was working from home and basking in my exhausted alone time. And guess who I want to share cake with the most?



Me, myself, and I. Because you know what? I share everything. EVERYTHING. Every meal I have with my family seems to be up for grabs. There is no guarantee I will even have private bathroom time because…. knock knock knock… “Mama!! MAMA!! I want to talk to you!!”

Do you know what? This cake didn’t make it to a plate. I forked that sucker. I forked it real good.


Because if you’re looking for something to send to a mother in your life – especially because Mother’s Day is upon us – more than just sending them something they don’t have to make themselves, you can send them something they don’t have to share! Secretly eating cake out of the tin with a fork? While I am not being hassled for a bite? While no one is home?



And yes… once the family got home, I did relent and let my chocolate obsessed son in on the goods.


Because the chocolate cake? Is dense and nearly brownie-esque, and give it a few days and ommmmgggg so milk dunkable! The crumble? The crumble is the best crumble I have ever had. Honest. And I am a crust person. I always prefer the crust and the crumble to the filling (unless it is marionberry) and this is… oof it’s good.


Gabe approved. Fae is… astonished.

To win your very own free cake follow these instructions:

  1. Follow Crumbolicious on Instagram
  2. Visit their Facebook page by clicking here
  3. And leave a comment telling me who you’d like to share this cake with.

Ha cha cha – FREE CAKE! All entries must be in by Tuesday, April 26 by 10pm PST! 

9 thoughts on “Crumbolicious – Treat Yo Self”

  1. My fiance. But only because we’re getting married and live together and, you know, care about each other and all that. I could totally demolish that on my own.

    (fb and instagram accomplished! Theodorathexplorer, Thea Rosa Cooper, in case that needs checking)

  2. Me, because secret cake is the best! Ok, fine, maybe the toddler could have a piece too. (If my husband was home, I’d share with him, because after secret cake all to myself the next best is secret cake with him.)

  3. Yuummmm! The crumble and the crust – always the best part!

    I would share this CAKE (always in caps) with my nephew Hank! He would looooooooove it!

  4. My husband! Simply because he knows I love sweets more than he does so he would take one bite and then leave the rest for meeeee. True love.

  5. I’d share with no one 🙂 kidding of course, I’d share with my husband and two little girls, and if there is any left I would m share with my mom friends when they come visit with their little ones!

  6. I would share this cake with my grandma. We love to take a moment once in awhile to eat some crumb cake and a cup of coffee. This would definitely be a great addition to our adventures.

  7. I would really want to squirrel it away for just me and the baby (he eats what I eat. Ha!), but I would share with the husband and toddler. If I have to.

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