Fae @ 9 Months

This post is so late that it is ridiculous. I don’t even really remember when 8 months ended and when the transition to nearly 10 months began. So I’m not even going to try to write a big post about her updates and just save it all for next month.


Fae @ 8 months

Here are the facts I do know for sure:

Hand Foot and Mouth is a horrible virus and I am sorry for shrugging it off every time someone else’s kid got it. Right before 9 months Fae looked like this:


And this…


Ooofff. So much sympathy. I’m putting these here so I don’t forget. #neverforget

Other things I know for sure:

  1. Fae weighs 21 lbs!
  2. …and she is 28.25 inches long
  3. And her melon is 44.75 cm

And it is all totally proportional. And adorable. And chunky monkey. And I love it.


Fae @ 9 months, on the last few days of HFM, nakey on the scale. My heart.

5 thoughts on “Fae @ 9 Months”

  1. My 15 month old had HFM last month ALL over his body. I seriously thought he had chicken pox. It’s the worst. But her chunky rolls!!! I just want to squeeze those thighs.

  2. Oh my gosh, several kids we know had HFM disease and I felt SO BAD for them!

    I hope she’s all better, though it looks like she is from that muh-dorable scale picture.

  3. We got HFM quite mildly but it was still misery-town… and then it came back a few weeks later because it hadn’t really gone away just the spots. Oof.

    We had one of those weeks of mysterious fevers when he’d be fine during the day and then blaze up to 40 degrees (which google tells me is 104 in your weirdo non-metric farenheit) at night and be a screaming wreck. For five days. Kid illness is the worst – except they are such troopers about it. I am a limp moaning noodle if I get even a mild fever. Little buddy mostly runs around just sweating up a storm.

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