Episode 16: The End of Season 1

This episode has been delayed for SO many reasons. The kids being sick, the perfect storm of birthday, traveling, and an INSANE two weeks of working an immense amount of hours. It left my little podcast last on my priority list.

But here we are. A whole season complete. Sixteen weeks of podcasting, sixteen different episodes. Thank you so much for going on this little experiment journey with me. There were some things that I super loved and some things I cringe at. Have I ever listened to a full episode after it’s been recorded? No. Will I ever? Probably not. My expectations for myself are too high and I already know I don’t meet them. But I’m getting there! I’m trying!

Season 2 will be back June 8th! That’s a hard and fast date, so get your podcast listening devices primed and ready. Until then, we will be recording new material, so please don’t stop sending us your relationship disputes, your marriage and life conundrums, or your straight up goofy confessions.

As always get at me by email: birlpodcast@gmail.com

… or by the show’s voicemail: 415 275 0551

Oh! And if the podcast drought is making you twitch, I have a second – parenting only – podcast that I am still recording every other Tuesday with my ladies Kelly and Hayley. You can catch the World’s Okayest Moms podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

2 thoughts on “Episode 16: The End of Season 1”

  1. You guys are so funny!! I loved how the episode shared behind the scenes about producing podcasts, and it was super interesting to hear now that I’ve heard some of the episodes! And how your personalities play out in how you want to see structure, or not. I love it. “I just want a spreadsheet!” would be me, but yes, then I would totally be focused on how far through the segment we were instead of participating in the conversation. So, I think Lauren is right, even though I would want the structure just like Kamel does. Anyway, thanks for a good season! Carry on!

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