Episode 15: Secret Shames Part 2

It’s the second to last episode of the season! And I have to say this is probably my second favorite of all time. I laughed so hard while listening to everyone’s calls! Your secret shames make you all amazing, hilarious, dorky, spectacular people! And it made my week to listen to these.

I hope everyone else feels empowered to be more vulnerable and feels more connected with the weirdos around us. Because, we’re all weirdos, one and all.

2 thoughts on “Episode 15: Secret Shames Part 2”

  1. Consider this an official invitation to Jennifer Garner. And we can do the thriller dance, but we HAVE to talk about her outfit…

  2. I am dying reliving this… I think what I said was “…all the while I’m on a treadmill and sweating and really bad fat-kid breathing- and NOBODY at the gym knows I’m an effing rock star….” something like that :)… For all of you going to Claire’s wedding- get ready- weddings are where I live out my fantasies.

    Also, Maris- WOW is one of Josh’s secret shames and I think it’s so cute it’s yours too. Also- I pretty much peed my pants at “bottom-cough”. Amazing.

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